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PSU Canvas Login Online Learning, Access Mobile App | Penn State University

PSU Canvas login system for Penn State students allows them to check their accounts and access course materials online. The login page also features self-registration for self-paced learning and viewing of recent posts or announcements.

What is PSU Canvas

Canvas is the official internet instructional system of PennState University. The Canvas PSU Learning Center is the gateway for all Penn State faculty, staff and support staff to learn how to get the most out for teaching and learning.

PSU Canvas, also known as Penn State e-Learning System, is an open, intuitive cloud-based learning management system developed exclusively for Penn State students.

Students and teachers use Canvas to view their class schedule, access their programs, and connect with their teachers. Canvas can be connected by logging into the Canvas PSU Educational Portal.

Students may create and manage profiles, view their current courses on the control centre, import content suggestion semesters from previous semesters, submit peer-reviewed assignments, and more.

You have unlock to a variety of educational tools and services from PSU’s LMS. The platform encourages students and modernizes their education system.

For teachers, it has many useful features such as program creation, grading system, Canvas Essentials, assignments and quizzes, training tools, communication and collaboration, course content.

Why is Canvas PSU e Learning important to students and teachers?

Penn State University has begun transitioning from ANGEL to Canvas, LMS that provides faculty, staff and students with new technology for managing, navigating and accessing workshops at home.

Canvas PSU Learning matters because it simplifies teaching and learning by connecting all the digital tools teachers use into one simple place.

With the Canvas online learning management system, students can learn anytime, anywhere. Penn State Canvas teacher is building an easy-to-use communication system as a platform between students and teachers.

It offers many powerful core features such as profiles, notifications, to-do lists, collaboration, discussions, quizzes, conversation/email messaging, calendaring, file sharing, evaluates, and more.

It also helps students find field content and links to video lectures, assignment Q&A discussions and grades.

Features of Canvas

Online teaching and learning houses the following academic resources to make design education easier and more accessible incude various:

  • Course Content/Course Materials
  • Score
  • Homework submission
  • Join the forum
  • Join new Quizzes/Tests
  • Push notifications regarding posting of online course ranks and new idea materials
  • Discover class timetable
  • Contact the curriculum instructor
  • Profile check

Guide to Canvas PSU login online account

Do as the steps below to log into the Canvas PSU Learning Management Portal through available detail instructions below:

Canvas PSU signin online account
  1. Launch your internet browser of choice
  2. In your browser, go to the Psu Canvas at or
  3. Click the “Login” button located in the upper right corner of the page
  4. Enter your username [[email protected]
  5. Click on the Next button link

How to Reset PSU Canvas Password

If you have forgotten or lost your password, obey the procedures outlined below to reset it 

  1. Visit CanvasPSU’s official website
  2. Navigate and click on “Forgot Password
  3. After that please enter your Login ID
  4. Thereafter, click on “Request Password” to receive a new one

How do I view my grades in Canvas PSU Portal

  1. Log into the Psu Canvas app or web portal please enter your username and password in empty boxes
  2. On the canvas schedule site, click the Course Navigation link.
  3. Select Grades from the course navigation links menu
  4. Select the specific classes for which you want to view classifis
  5. Your rating will be displayed

How to Submit Assignments on Canvas

Follow the steps below to submit your assignment or test to the Psu Canvas reporting system. Follow the assignment instructions assigned by the course allow instructor.

  1. Enter your username and password to access the Psu Canvas Dashboard
  2. Click the Assignments link or the Module Pages link in the Navigation tab
  3. by job name
  4. The next page will display assignment information such as assignment submission deadline, number of attempts allowed, submission file type [Word, PDF, and video], and submission guidelines.
  5. Click the Start Assignment button to begin submitting assignments
  6. Click the file upload button
  7. Select a file from your computer or phone from the popup
  8. Click the submit button to submit your assignment

Access PSU  Canvas from Mobile app

With the Canvas app, teachers can create programs, syllabus, publish grades, and more right from their smartphones. To get started, visit the Google PlayStore or Apple Store to download the Canvas PSU mobile app.

  1. After launching the application, you must select your school.
  2. Enter Penn State or PSU in the search bar and click the Continue button. You will now be redirected to PSU Canvas’ web access => Add your login information here.
  3. After completing the process to get here, you can now see the enable course list.
  4. If you’re running out of space or don’t want to implement the app, you can access Canvas using your mobile web browser.
  5. Now you can access all web features on your mobile device

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  1. First, make sure your Android phone is powered on and launch the Google Playstore app.
  2. Enter canvas in the Search box => From the Search Results, choose the canvas app.
  3. Press the install button => Accept the app permissions to begin the canvas download.
  4. Sign in with your student credentials (Username and Password).
  5. To access your University Canvas Course Site, click Sign in.
  1. Open the newly installed canvas platform.
  2. To search for the University, go to the Find Your School or District link.
  3. When you find your school or institution, click on it.
  4. Enter your username here.
  5. Enter your password here.
  6. To access your course on the Canvas Dashboard, click the login option.
  1. To get access to the Psu Canvas dashboard, enter your login and password.
  2. Click on the Course Navigation page => Select the Inbox Link
  3. You will see messages sent by your course teachers and classmates.
  4. To respond to a message, open the particular message.
  5. Select the reply button.
  6. Fill up the Message field with your message.
  7. To send your message, click the send button.
  1. To get access to the online Portal dashboard, enter your username and password.
  2. Click on “Course Navigation” page & select the Inbox link
  3. You will see messages sent by your course teachers and classmates
  4. To remove a message, open it and click the delete button.
  5. Select the delete icon to confirm the deletion of the communication.

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