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EPCC Blackboard Learn Login Page & Reset Password | El Paso Community College

EPCC Blackboard Learn is a popular online learning management system used by students at El Paso Community College. In this blog, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of accessing the EPCC Blackboard login platform by student account and utilizing it effectively. 

Overview of Blackboard at EPCC

EPCC offers a robust online learning experience through its Bb Learn platform. Leaners and faculty members can access the system through the portal with their unique login credentials. 

The platform provides users with access to their education, enhanced courses, materials, grades, discussion online and other relevant data which is similar to other systems such as Blackboard learn Chemeketa, UH blackboard learn or Blackboard learn Wake Tech

Bb Learn is a reliable and user-friendly class management system that encourages distance learning and allows for flexible access to educational resources. 

Instructors can also utilize the system to post announcements, assessments, and other relevant course information. Learners can access the platform using any search engine, including through the Blackboard app, and assistant services are available to help resolve any access or technical problems. 

To log in, pupils and staff members need their EPCC account data, including their username, passcode, and pin code. Overall, Bb Learn is an essential tool that helps pupils and staff members manage their time, access educational resources, and sustain their academic goals.

Importance of Blackboard For EPCC Students

With Blackboard Learn, instructors and learners can work together in a variety of digital contexts, such as:

  • Access and submit work
  • Participate in virtual forums by posting comments
  • Examine e-Learning Resources
  • Tell teachers and schoolmates
  • Maintain a class schedule.

Accessing EPCC Blackboard Learn Login Page

Step-by-step Instructions To Login EPCC Portal

Here are the instructions to access the EPCC Login Student Portal:

accessing epcc blackboard learn login
  1. Open your web search engine and go to the EPCC Portal website: https://epcc.blackboard.com/ 
  2. Enter your blackboard username in the “Username” field. Your username is the first part of your EPCC email address before the “@epcc.edu” domain.
  3. Enter your EPCC passcode in the “Password” field. If this is your first time logging in, your passcode will be your birthdate in the MMDDYY format.
  4. Click on the “Connexion” button to access your account.
  5. Once you have logged in, you will be taken to your Blackboard Dashboard, which will show your classes and any announcements or notifications from your instructors.

Troubleshooting Common Login Issues

Forgotten Password

To reset your passcode, you can according to these instructions:

forgotten epcc password
  1. Go to the EPCC site according to the login instructions above.
  2. Click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link located below the “Connexion” button.
  3. In the next section, enter your EPCC username (which is usually your email address) and the answer to your security question.
  4. Press “Submit“.
  5. According to the instructions on the next section to reset your passcode. 

Note: If you do not know the answer to your security question, or if you continue to have problems resetting your passcode, you can contact the Bb Learn help team for aid.

Browser Compatibility Issues

Check to see if the research tool you are attempting to utilize with Blackboard is one of those that is officially sustained by EPCC. The Blackboard, like the majority of websites, will tell you which research tool works with their platform.

Even if you’re utilizing a compatible research tool, you can still seek these solutions if you’re having problems: 

  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies: This can often resolve requests with website functionality.
  • Disable browser extensions: Some extensions can interfere with website functionality, so seek disabling them to see if this resolves the request.
  • Update your research tool: Ensure that your research tool is up to date and running the latest version.
  • Try a different research tool: If none of the above steps work, seek accessing the website utilizing a different research tool to see if this resolves the request.

If you continue to experience requests after trying these steps, you should contact the sustain team for further aid.

Navigating the EPCC Blackboard Dashboard

Here are some steps you can conduct to navigate the Dashboard:

  1. Login: To get started, you should log in to your EPCC Blackboard account utilizing your EPCC user id and passcode.
  2. Dashboard: The Dashboard is the primary landing site for your Blackboard account and is where you will be taken once you have logged in. Data like upcoming assessments, instructor messages, and recent activity can all be found on the Dashboard.
  3. Navigation Panel: On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a Navigation Panel that contains links to various sections of Blackboard. These include:
    • My Courses: This is where you can access all of the courses you are enrolled in for the current semester. Clicking on a course will take you to the course home page, where you can access course materials, participate in discussions, and complete assessments.
    • Tools: This section contains links to tools that you can utilize to manage your Blackboard account, such as the calendar, grades, and notifications.
    • Organizations: This section contains links to any organizations you are a part of on Blackboard, such as clubs or groups.
    • Help: This section contains links to resources that can help you utilize Blackboard, including the EPCC Blackboard help site and the Blackboard Student Support site.
  1. Course Homepages: To access a specific online course, tap on the class name in the My Courses section of the Navigation Panel. This will take you to the course homepage, where you can access educational resources, participate in discussions, and complete assessments.
  2. Course Menu: Once you are on a homepage, you will see a Course Menu on the left-hand side of the screen. This menu contains links to distinct sections of the class, such as Content, Discussions, and Assessments.
  3. Content: The Content section is where you will find online class materials such as lecture slides, readings, and videos. You can tap on a specific item to access it, or utilize the Table of Contents to navigate to a specific module or section.
  4. Discussions: The Discussions section is where you can participate in virtual discussions with your classmates and instructor. You can read and reply to existing threads, or create your own new thread.
  5. Assignments: The Assignments section is where you can access and submit course assessments. You can view the assessment details, download any necessary files, and submit your completed work.

See more details here:  

Login EPCC Blackboard App

To connect to EPCC Blackboard mobile login portal, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the Blackboard app on your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the Blackboard app and look for “El Paso Community College” in the input field.
  3. Select “El Paso Community College” from the list of institutions that appear.
  4. Enter your EPCC user id and passcode in the appropriate fields.
  5. Tap the “Login” button to access your Blackboard account.
  6. If you encounter any problems while logging in or using the Blackboard mobile app, please connect the EPCC assistant for assistance.

EPCC Help Desk & Support Services Department

It has been brought to EPCC’s attention that problems arise while using the most recent version of Internet Explorer with Blackboard. If you have any questions or need assistance, you may always reach out to the HelpDesk, which is staffed around the clock.

  • Help Desk Number: 888-296-0863
  • Contact Page: www.epcc.edu/contact/Pages/default.aspx 
  • Address: 

Administrative Services Center
9050 Viscount Blvd.
El Paso, TX 79925

In conclusion, EPCC’s Bb Learn platform is an essential tool for pupils and faculty members at EPCC. It has revolutionized the way EPCC Bb learn and interact with their instructors. However, it is essential to remember to log out of your Blackboard account when you are finished to ensure the security of your account and personal data.

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Click the “Login” button in the top right corner of the El Paso Community College website to access Blackboard. Then do what it says up top.

EPCC has a “Forgot Username” link on the login page in case you lose track of your EPCC account. The login page has a “Forgot Password” link in case you lose track of your credentials.

Blackboard has a main menu on the left-hand side of the screen that allows you to access different sections of your course. You can also click on specific items within your course to access additional materials or activities.

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