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We’re excited to welcome you to the seattleducation.com blog, a trusted source of news, resources, and educational perspectives. Our mission is to provide free and valuable knowledge to anyone who want to study and help improve the quality of education for students, teachers by providing them with relevant information and tools for learning.

We take great pride in the fact that our staff consists of seasoned educators and editors who have worked in the education sector for a considerable amount of time.

Knowing the importance of credibility and transparency in education, that’s why we are committed to ensuring that our information is reliable and trustworthy. All of our content is thoroughly researched and fact-checked, and we only work with reputable sources in the education industry.

Coming the Seattleducation.com website, you will be provided with more knowledge and better understanding on all topics related to Education platform in the World.

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  • Helpful and valuable knowledge for all people including on-campus and online system
  • Remove the financial barrier for a good education because the individual’s thirst of knowledge does not need a barrier
Author Huong Nguyen

Our Founder (Main Author)

DR. Huong Nguyen is the Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief of the seattleducation.com blog and a PhD in linguistics. Thankfully, many people all across the globe have had the chance to read the numerous remarkable works she has produced since 2021.

Ms. Huong Nguyen is a dedicated teacher who has found new teaching methods to share her passion for education with the globe. She enjoys teaching in the university as a linguistic lecturer, and she also appreciates share her knowledge to a larger audience.

She got her Master of Education in English teaching methodology (MA TESOL) degree in 2011. Then she spent over nine years studying and conducting research in Australia and got a degree of PhD in Linguistic in 2018. Her extensive research interests include medical communication, institutional discourse, conversation analysis, and textbook creation.

Throughout her research, she uncovered an abundance of information regarding online courses, study programs, curriculum, learning styles and other education-related topics. Ms. Huong has devoted her entire life to education, and she is now the main author and editor of seattleducation.com, ensuring that all content is thoroughly fact-checked and covered.
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Editorial ethics and principles

We make every attempt to produce accurate and pertinent data. Our knowledgeable team blends significant research, years of practical experience, and decades of skill into all of our writing. Before publishing articles on prestigious educational institutions, we frequently do fact checks. Please tell us at [email protected] if an article has become out-of-date or has other issues, and we will correct the situation. We also hope to learn from all readers.

We at adhere to stringent journalistic ethical standards. We never take money as an inducement to create an article, we never endorse unlawful items or services because we have an affiliate relationship, and we never accept guest articles from persons attempting to get links on our website.

Any advertising on our website is explicitly identified with the phrase “Promotion” and any sponsored content is clearly marked with the word “Sponsored”. The editorial team does not write sponsored content. Our editorial staff is independent of the company’s operations and maintains editorial independence

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