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FSU Canvas Login FSU Student Portal | Florida State University

FSU Canvas login gives access to academic records, course materials, grades, other critical information, and Canvas and academic technology FAQs.

What is Florida State University Canvas

Canvas Canvas is the learning management system (LMS) for online teaching and discovering at Florida State University. This LMS is a cloud learning platform that allows FSU login instructors to improve the teaching and training experience by using web-based collaboration and assessment technology.

This service allows instructors to create full-featured online course settings for their students. Students may use a classes gradebook to document their progress, access course resources, communicate with others, participate in interactive assessments and assignments, and track their progress in a field gradebook.

Canvas Advantages

Canvas also provides to both scholars and academic members. The platform organizes material for students in a single area, making it convenient for students and faculty members to access.

Canvas allows teenagers to submit assignments online and use built-in Web-based features like as e-portfolios, wikis, and blogs. Students may also analyze their classmates and self-assess if projects are built for such evaluation.

  • The core repository for program materials
  • Location central for connecting with students
  • Grade book about electronic media
  • Web-based tools built in
  • Assignments must be submitted electronically.
  • Online exams and quizzes
  • Self-assignment and peer-assignment
  • Control active enrollments

Canvas LMS

Whether your course is delivered online or in-person, the Canvas LMS allows teachers to design lessons and assignments, measure learning, and communicate with their students.

Uploading resources on Canvas may assist in making a learning more accessible to a wide range of current students.

It adds a layer of protection to copyrighted material and sensitive information like classmate grades.

It also enables simple connect to looking for information in a central gateway for the thousands of FSU students who check in every day.

Canvas Assistance

Do you need assistance with Canvas or another academic technology? The ODL technical support team is committed to assisting CanvasFSC teachers, staff, and students with their online teaching and learning requirements. If you have a question, a problem, or criticism, please contact us. We are here to make your experience as pleasant as possible!

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How to Access FSU Student Canvas Login Learning Course

Use Website

To access the portal, you will need to follow the procedures outlined below.

FSU Student Canvas sign in to Learning Course
  1. Visit the FSU student canvas login with link: https://cas.fsu.edu/cas/login
  2. Enter your FSUID and Password in the given blank box as shown in the picture
  3. Thereafter, click on the Sign In button to gain unlock your account

By Mobile App

Students may use the Canvas app on their phones to obtain grades, course details, and other information. To begin, download the FSU Mobile App from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

To access the Florida State University app login, follow the steps outlined below:

FSU Student Canvas access to mobile app
  1. Tap the “Search My School” button after reinstalling the FSU program
  2. Enter your school’s name, for example on the next page
  3. When the list of campuses appears, choose your school
  4. Enter your login information and press the login button
  5. Then, to enter your Canvas dashboard, click the Login icon

Reset Password

To retrieve your account login password when lost or forgotten, follow the instructions below:

reset password for FSU Canvas account
  1. Click on the words “Manage FSUID/Password” in the account login box
  2. You will be redirected to a new interface, now enter the FSU ID or EMPL ID
  3. Finally click Continue and follow next the instructions of the system

How to View Your FSU Course on Canvas

If you log into Canvas and don’t see your class, the instructor probably hasn’t published it yet. First, contact your instructor to see if and when they access to course, see more:

  1. Open a web browser, go to the official FSU site or FSUCanvas page/ canvas.fsu.edu
  2. Click on the Courses navigation menu
  3. You will see the courses you have registered for the semester

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Canvas FSU Customer Service Center

  • Contact the ITS Canvas Service Desk

For assistance with your account, please contact the ITS Service Desk Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m- 6:00 p.m EST.

Florida State University
Suite C-3500 University Center
296 Champions Way
P.O. Box 3062550
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-2550


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Users must activate their accounts using the last twelve (12) digits of their Student ID and their PIN number. Your PIN number is your birth month and year (ex. Dec 2001 would be 1201).

To request an FSUCard, all students must utilize the FSUCard online picture submission system. After submitting your application, send an email to [email protected] to request that your FSUCard be sent to you. To request an FSUCard*, all Faculty and Staff must utilize the FSUCard online picture submission system.

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