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SNHU Student login can help students take advantage of all the benefits the university offers. In this article, Seattleducation will share how to access and reset password and other detail about mySNHU portal.

About SNHU Student | Southern New Hampshire University 

Southern New Hampshire University is a private university located between Manchester and Hooksett, New Hampshire and is an accredited not-for-profit university with over 200 affordable, career-oriented programs. The university is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education, along with national accreditation for a number of hospitality, health, education, and business degrees.

Mysnhu is an online student portal of Southern New Hampshire University. Through their online platform, SNHU Student, they offer their students and all other services on campus easy and reasonably priced education. 

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SNHU students Login Requirements

Following are the things you need to know and have

  • Visit the official website link.
  • You must have an internet support device Tablet, smartphone, laptop or PC
  • Any internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc
  • SNHU Student Login details such as email address (username or ID) & password.
  • Must have an internet connection

SNHU login Instructions

By simply logging into their SNHU Student accounts, all degree seeking students, as well as those enrolled in online programs, can view details. Follow our instructions to your login process become easier

  1. Go to the homepage by clicking this link:
  2. Scroll down and then you can see 3 options including
  • Online Student 
  • Campus Students
  • Competency-based or Stride Students

So, What kind of student are you? Please select the option below that best describes your SNHU learning model so we can direct you to a more customized mySNHU experience.

Online Student 

  1. Visit the homepage by the link above and click on “Online Student” link
sign in to online student
  1. Enter your email, phone or Skype in the required fields
log into snhu student
  1. Then tap on “Next” to proceed and follow the instructions 
access to snhu student

To recover and manage your password you can click on “Can’t access your account?” then enter your Microsoft account and follow the guide

Campus Students

  1. Go to the official website then click on “Campus Students” options 
sign in to campus students
  1. In this step type your email address and password. Make sure your personal information is correct to move to step 3
access to campus students
  1. To sign in to mySNHU, Click on the yellow “Submit” button
log into campus students

To recover your password click the link below submit button and then you will move to the new page. After that enter your email or username and verify by typing the character in the picture into the text box, tap “Next” to take your password back.

Competency-based or Stride Students

  1. Visit  the web then choose the Competency-based or Stride Students option 
sign in to competency based or stride students
  1. Type your information including
  • Email address
  • Password
  1. Ịn the last step click on “Submit” to complete the login process.

Brightspace SNHU login instruction

  1. To access SNHU Brightspace enter your username and password on the website.
  2. Tap “Brightspace” under the “Applications” menu.
  3. Now explore the table of contents for you on the SNHU Brightspace.

On the page, you can access discussions, assignments, learning modules, grades, announcements, and more

Apply for admission at SNHU

  1. Visit SNHU web to apply for admission to Students of Southern New Hampshire University
  2. Tap “Apply Now” at the top of the page.
  3. Select the appropriate option: Online Students, International Students, and Campus Students.
  4. Proceed with your registration by providing relevant details.

Forgot password of mySNHU

  1. Navigate to the web then click on the link “Use this link to create/reset your password” 
forgot password of snhu student
  1. Enter your email or user ID. Example: [email protected] or [email protected]
reset password of snhu student
  1. Type the characters in the picture or the words in the audio the tap on “Next” button
recover password of snhu student

How to access SNHUconnect

You can access it directly from mySNHU, from your desktop or using the mobile app.

Follow these instructions for more information:

  1. Scroll down your mySNHU page and you will see an icon for “SNHUconnect student” below your news feed. For CfA students, click on “Student Organizations and Events” in the right column.
  2. Once you click on that icon, find the SNHUconnect menu on the left and click on the “Tutorials & Manuals” link.
  3. Scroll down the video and you’ll see the three ways to access it, as well as a series of how-to videos to help you navigate the community.

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What is my 7 digit SNHU ID number?

You can find your 7-digit SNHU ID number on your student card. If you don’t have an ID card, you can find your number by following these steps:

  1. Log in to mySNHU.
  2. The left side has a menu – scroll until you see the “My Profile” heading.
  3. Select “View my student profile” under that heading.

Your student profile should open and your SNHU ID number will appear at the top of your profile.

Contact my students sNHU

  1. School Address: Southern New Hampshire University, 2500 North River Road, Manchester, NH 03106.
  2. SNHU Email Address: For Online Students: ([email protected]), For Campus Students: ([email protected]), Admission Inquiry Email: ([email protected]).
  3. SNHU Phone Number: 800.668.1249. The phone number can serve for general matters or inquiries such as financial aid, admission information and more.
  4. Student Financial Services Number: 877.455.7648
  5. SNHU Admission Contact Phone Number: 888.327.SNHU
  6. SNHU Login Phone Number for Password Related Issues: Call 1-855-877-9919.


If your SNHU login doesn’t work, you can call the IT helpdesk 24/7/365 at 1.855.877.9919. You can also chat with the IT help desk in the Service Portal. You can also visit the SNHU system status page to find out if there are currently any issues with services such as Brightspace, mySNHU, email, etc.

You can access your SNHU email by logging into your mySNHU login account and clicking the SNHU webmail link on the right side of the page under Applications.

You can still check your SNHU email even if you have not configured it on your computer or device. Just go to your mySNHU homepage and log in, then look for the webmail link on the right under Applications.

You can find a link to SNHU’s academic catalogs by visiting the Academic Catalogs page on the website. On that page, you will find links to both the Online Program Catalog and the Campus Program Catalog. If you are looking for a specific program, you can find it through the Program Finder page which can be accessed from the Academic Catalogs page.

If you need an official transcript, you can either go to the Alumni page to request them or you can log in to your mySNHU and click on the Request an Official Transcript link on the left side of the homepage under the academic menu.
For unofficial grade reports, log in to mySNHU to get an unofficial grade report on SNHU stationery. The link is located on the left side of the homepage under the Academic menu

You can log in to your library account by going to the Online Library Catalog.
Once you are in the online library catalog, you will see a button at the top that says Your library account. Click this link to log in with your mySNHU username (without the – ie: john.smith) and mySNHU password.

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