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UCLA Canvas Login Student Portal & Mobile App | University Of California

UCLA Canvas Login is the online portal to the University of California’s course management system. You can use the sign-in page provided at the bottom of this article to be redirected to the main site. Passwords can be reset, and mobile login is an option, among other things. Read the steps below to link your account.

About University Of California Canvas

Brief of University of California 

university of california

UCLA is a well-known public research university located in Los Angeles, CA and one of the oldest campuses within the UC system. It provides a broad array of undergraduate and graduate programs, with 337 options available.

The university has a substantial student body, with over 31,600 individuals pursuing their degrees, including 14,300 graduate and professional students.

What is UCLA Canvas?

ucla canvas

UCLA Canvas is the learning management system (LMS) used by the University of California, Los Angeles for online teaching and learning. The faculty members can employ web-based collaborative and assessment tools through this LMS, a cloud learning platform, to improve the teaching and learning process.

This platform allows instructors to create fully functional online learning environments for their students. Access course materials, working with others, participating in interactive tests and assignments, and keeping track of their progress in a course gradebook are all options open to students.

UCLA Canvas’s Advantages

The platform places all of the content for students in one place, making it simple for both students and instructors to connect.

With this portal, students can utilize a variety of integrated Web-based tools, including e-portfolios, wikis, and blogs, to submit assignments electronically. If projects are set up for such assessment, students can also evaluate their friends and themselves.

  • The primary location for learning resources
  • A good location for interacting students
  • Interactive gradebook
  • Integrating web-based tools
  • Digital assignment submission
  • Electronic exams and tests
  • Self and peer evaluations
  • Manage enrolments that are active

Access UCLA Canvas Login Page To Online Courses

Follow the instructions listed below to sign-in the canvas login page.

ucla canvas login to onlinencourses
  1. Please log in to the website at to find your online course(s).
  2. Enter your login information.
  3. Then, click the Login option.
  4. To view all of your classes, click the “Courses” icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  5. The course link can be found under “My Courses.” Click it.
  6. Utilize the menu bar on the left side of your screen to start exploring the course material.
  7. Examine the syllabus first, then click on the course content to continue.

You will like:

Recover UCLA Canvas Password

If you have forgotten or lost your PIN, please try to follow the steps given below to reset it.

reset ucla canvas password
  1. Please go to the official website
  2. Navigate to the “Forgot Password” link.
  3. Submit your Login ID.
  4. Then, to change your PIN, click “Request Password.”

Canvas By Using Mobile Devices

You can utilize any computer, tablet, or mobile device that has internet navigation to view Canvas.

Students can connect grades, course materials, and more via the app. From their cell phones, teachers also easily establish courses, syllabuses, publish grades, and more. Download the Canvas App from the Apple Store or Google PlayStore to get started.

download canvas by mobile app

To navigate to the Canvas app login, adhere to the steps listed below.

  1. Tap the “Find my school” button after reinstalling the app.
  2. On the next screen, type your school’s name, for example, University of California.
  3. Tap the University of California, Los Angeles when the list of campuses appears.
  4. The University of California, Los Angeles will be your next stop after this.
  5. To connect your Canvas dashboard, click the sign-in option after that.

We hope the information we provide here is useful to you. If you’d like to learn more about other websites’ login methods, visit our site. Thanks for reading!

UCLA Support Help

Welcome to the assistance, where the support teams within IT Services concentrate their efforts to make sure You can easily acquire the assistance you need.

Contact us

  • Call or email us

Call (310) 267-HELP or send an email to [email protected]  (4357). Support specialists will record the pertinent information and forward your query or problem to the appropriate IT Services department.

Please take note that we now offer 24/7 phone support for Logon ID lookups, password resets, MFA/Duo support, and connect support for on-call employees during operational situations.

  • Go to Us

The campus’s IT Support Center may be found at 124 Kerckhoff Hall.


Canvas is an online learning management system that is utilized by Extension. You may communicate with your teacher and classmates, locate course materials, activities, assignments, quizzes, and more within Canvas.

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone, select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, and then press Add Account.
  • Select Exchange.
  • Enter your PIN and email address for the International Institute.
  • Please tap in the Server area.
  • Options to sync various Exchange account functions with your iPhone can be found on the following screen.

You’ll need a new pairing code if the previous observer (parent) utilized it. You’ll need a new pairing code if the first one was produced more than seven days ago. The pairing code must be typed precisely as it appears (case matters), without any spaces.

The institution where your student is enrolled (i.e., the Canvas url) is where the pairing code must be pressed. Please utilize the “Report a Problem” button from the app or your browser to let us know what’s wrong if these troubleshooting suggestions don’t solve the problem. Instead of using your personal email, which our system cannot open, kindly use the student’s email address.

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