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CSP Blackboard Login Online Portal | Concordia University, St. Paul

CSP Blackboard login allows you access to the college’s online learning. Students can easily take online quizzes and talk with their professors, academic tutors, and classmates through the e-learning Platform. In this post, Seattleducation will provide step-by-step instructions for accessing Blackboard Learn, following along, and enjoying a great learning experience.

What is CSP Blackboard Learn?

What is CSP Blackboard Learn?

Blackboard Learn is the online platform and learning management system used by Concordia University, St. Paul. It allows teachers to create online course sites that are highly suited for online learning and fully connected with CSP’s enrollment and communication systems. Students enrolling in online courses may quickly locate their orientation, course content, and extra resources on this page.

Benefits of Blackboard CSP Online Learning 

Benefits Of Blackboard CSP Online Learning

Blackboard has several pros, and it may help teachers and students alike. Students and teachers alike benefit from the platform because of the convenience of its centralized location and the wealth of resources it makes available.

It also allows students to turn in assignments digitally and collaborate using a number of different Web-based tools, including e-portfolios, wikis, and blogs. Further, if the projects are made to be evaluated in this way, students may evaluate both themselves and their classmates.

Other advantages of Blackboard are:

  • File repository for all course contents
  • The hub for all student-to-student correspondence
  • Electronic grade books
  • Web-based tools pre-installed
  • Coursework is to be submitted electronically
  • Taking quizzes and exams online
  • Group and individual tasks

There are numerous advantages to using a blackboard system for online learning. The Texas University of Technology also uses the platform. Check out how to sign in if you’re interested: TTU Blackboard Login Online Portal | Texas Tech University

Access CSP Blackboard Login Online Course

Access CSP Blackboard Login Online Course

Follow these steps to login to Blackboard CSP Learn:

  1. To find your online course(s), log in to Blackboard https://csp.blackboard.com/
  2. Access your account using your username and password
  3. View all your courses by clicking on the Courses link in the top right corner
  4. Click on the course link under My Courses
  5. Using the left-hand menu bar to explore your course
  6. Review the syllabus before clicking on the course material

Reset CSP Blackboard Password

Reuirement before log in

Follow these requirements to reset your password if you do NOT know your login information.

Contact the I.T. Help Desk and give them the following information for security purposes:

  • Full name
  • L Number/Student ID
  • The name of the system you are trying to log in to, like CSPConnect, Blackboard, or Gmail.
  • Current home address
  • Your alternative email or phone number.

Reset Password

Reset Password

Follow the steps below to reset your password if you want to change it.

  1. Go to www.csp.edu/passwordreset
  2. Enter using your CSP login
  3. You should be in the Library and Technology tab, and you’ll need to click on the link Change your CSP Connect/Library Database password. This will let you change your password.
  4. To sign up for the password reset tool service, go to the Enrollment tab.
  5. Register your security questions and answers.
  6. Click Update.

Use Blackboard CSP Mobile App

Use Blackboard CSP Mobile App

Blackboard Learn

With the Blackboard Learn app, students can check their grades, curriculum content, and more right from their phones. To get started, go to the Google PlayStore or Apple Store to download the Blackboard app.

Sign in to CSP Blackboard By Mobile Phone 

Sign in to CSP Blackboard By Mobile Phone

Follow these steps to sign in to Blackboard on your phone:

  1. Launch the App on your device
  2. Search Concordia University, St. Paul on the Blackboard Learn app
  3. Sign in with Blackboard Password and username. These credentials are usually used to access Blackboard courses on a computer

Blackboard CSP Help & Support

Blackboard CSP Help & Support

Contact I.T Help Desk: I.T. Help Desk LTC 100

Working hours 

  • Mon-Thurs: 8am-7pm
  • Friday: 8am-5pm
  • Saturday: 12pm-5pm
  • Sunday: 2pm-7pm

Office: 651-641-8866

Email: [email protected]

General Information


1282 Concordia Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

Phone: 651-641-8230

Fax: 651-603-6320

Email: [email protected]

Social network contact

With Blackboard CSP, simply log in with your student or faculty credentials to get started. Whether you’re using Blackboard to submit assignments, take tests, or communicate with classmates and professors, the portal is a convenient gateway to your educational needs. Don’t wait, start your learning journey now, and see what the Blackboard can do for you!


Try looking up your username and/or resetting your password, and then try to log in to Blackboard again.

Blackboard locks the account after 5 unsuccessful login attempts to prevent unwanted access. Locked for 90 minutes. After that, you may log in again.

Go to Settings > Apps > Blackboard or Instructor > Storage > Clear Data. Uninstall Blackboard or Blackboard Instructor. Reboot. Reinstall Blackboard.

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