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ESL Teaching Resources, Lesson Plans & Programs For Teachers & Students

ESL, or English as a Second Language, refers to the teaching and learning of the English language by non-native speakers. ESL teachers can find a wide range of resources online and in print to help them create effective lessons and engage their students. See more details about ESL teaching resources in this article. 

ESL Teaching Materials for Beginners

ESL teaching materials for beginners are essential tools for English teachers who work with ESL/ELL students, especially young learners.

These materials contain lesson plans, vocabulary spreadsheet, comprehension spreadsheet, and grammar spreadsheet, which may be customized to different skill levels and cater to individual learners’ needs. These worksheets are utilized by ESL instructors to improve pupils’ reading comprehension and aid in the development of fundamental English language skills.

The resources are offered in a variety of formats, containing PDF downloads, flashcards, role-play, and discussion cards. Furthermore contained in the curriculum may be idioms and other cultural references.

Before introducing any Halloween-related materials or other potentially sensitive issues, it is imperative that teachers acquire permission from adult learners.

TESOL and TEFL instructors frequently build and modify these resources to match the needs of their pupils and classroom environment. These ESL teaching tools for beginners provide English teachers with a variety of resources to foster their students’ language development.

Teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) can be difficult, particularly for beginning teachers. offers numerous materials that can facilitate and enhance the process. Among the accessible materials on are:

  • Lesson plans: Lesson plans for ESL students can be found on the website From fundamentals like vocabulary and grammar to more complex areas like reading understanding and composition, these lesson plans have you covered.
  • Worksheets: Worksheets for English language learners are also available on Engaging and collaborative, these exercises address essentials like vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension.
  • Games and activities: Games and activities are great tools for teaching English as a second language. Many of the games and other activities available on aim to teach students while also being entertaining. Words, grammar, and reading understanding are just some of the areas that are addressed in these fun and engaging games and exercises.
  • Printable resources: provides a wide variety of printed classroom resources in addition to digital ones. spreadsheet, flashcards, and other tools like these are available to help teachers of English as a second language.
  • Professional development: also contains ESL educator development materials. Webinars, workshops, and courses are just some of the tools available to educators interested in honing their craft and being abreast of the current trends in education.

Overall, is a valuable resource for ESL instructors. Whether you’re a new ESL instructor or an experienced professional, can help you improve your teaching abilities and support your students’ learning.

ESL Resources for Students & Parents

Here are some resources that can help students and parents who are Studying English as a second language:

  • Duolingo: Duolingo is a well-known language-learning program that provides lessons in a variety of languages, including English. It employs game mechanics to make language learning more interesting and entertaining.
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy is an educational portal that provides free video classes on numerous topics, containing English language arts. It is a useful resource for English-language learners who wish to enhance their reading and writing abilities.
  • ESL Gold: ESL Gold is a website that provides numerous resources for ESL students, including grammar courses, vocabulary exams, and listening exercises. Additionally, it features a community forum where students can interact with other English learners and pose questions.
  • BBC Learning English: The BBC Studying English website provides ESL students with a variety of tools, including news items, grammar courses, and pronunciation guidelines. A segment entitled “The English We Talk” teaches idioms and slang.
  • ESL Video: ESL Video is a collection of videos intended to enhance ESL students’ listening abilities. The videos contain news segments, movie trailers, and other information.
  • English Central: In order to help ESL students hone their oral communication abilities, the website English Central provides a number of different video and online games. A function called “Speech Recognition” helps students perfect their pronunciation.
  • Breaking News English: The news stories available on Breaking News English are tailored to the needs of English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. There are quizzes and word games to help with article understanding.
  • FluentU: FluentU is a video-based language-learning platform where students may watch authentic media like music videos and movie trailers to enhance their English language abilities. To aid students in honing their listening and understanding abilities, each movie is accompanied by a set of accompanying quizzes and interactive subtitles.
  • Quizlet: Quizlet is a widely used flashcard program that may be used to study new words in English. Students can generate their own flashcards or use ones that have already been prepared, and the app comes with a number of study and gaming modes to liven up the learning process.
  • English for Everyone: The volumes in the English for Everyone series provide thorough instruction in the language at all levels, from absolute novices to native speakers. They contain audio recordings to assist students practice listening, and they cover grammar, vocabulary, and communication abilities.

ESL Resources for Teachers

Here are a few more ESL resources for teachers:

  • ESL Printables: Many sorts of spreadsheet, activities, and games are available for download on this site to help ESL educators supplement their classes.
  • BusyTeacher: Free lesson plans, comprehension worksheets, and activities for teaching ESL are just some of the materials that can be found on BusyTeacher, a community-driven website.
  • In addition to quizzes and other teaching tools, this website features a vast library of video-based ESL classes and activities.
  • TESOL International Association: TESOL professional organization features numerous useful materials for ESL educators, such as publications, webinars, and job postings.
  • This website is run by the British Council and provides a range of resources and support for ESL teachers, including lesson plans, webinars, and forums.
  • Dave’s ESL Cafe: Dave’s ESL Cafe is a popular website for ESL teachers and students, and offers a variety of resources for teachers, including job listings, lesson plans, and discussion forums.
  • Colorín Colorado: Colorín Colorado is an online hub for educators of ELLs, stocked with activities, class plans, and activities to help with reading, writing, and vocabulary instruction.
  • FluentU: The video, quizzes, and interactive exercises available on the FluentU platform are only some of the tools available to ESL instructors using the platform.
  • Edutopia: ESL educators can find helpful resources and guidance on the website Edutopia. A variety of educational resources such as blog posts, videos, and slides are available on their website.
  • Pearson ELT: Textbooks, instructor manuals, and online courses are just some of the many tools available from Pearson ELT for ESL educators. There is also a blog with useful information for ESL educators.

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Teaching Program Opportunities

For those interested in teaching ESL abroad, there are many exciting opportunities available through various programs. 

One popular option is to get TEFL certified and explore the world as a paid English teacher. 

OnTESOL offers qualifications that allow you to qualify for English teaching positions worldwide, and Level 5 TEFL qualifications with fully organized paid internships abroad. 

Accredited TEFL courses from the world’s leading provider are also available for those who want to take their teaching skills to the next level. 

For individuals looking for a more permanent position, TIE offers a path to an international school career. Additionally, there are many specific ESL job opportunities advertised online, such as instructing English in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Europe, and beyond.  

In conclusion, ESL teaching resources are essential tools for teachers who want to help their students learn English as a second language effectively. With the right resources, teachers can create engaging and interactive classes that address the various needs of their students. 

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Here are the top resources for second-language English instruction.

  • Pinterest.
  • The British Council
  • ESL Partyland.
  • My ESL Corner.
  • The Internet TESL Journal.
  • ThoughtCo.

Communicative language instruction is likely the most widely used type of ESL instruction today. Students learn to make requests, accept offers, explain things, and express their opinions and preferences through CLT’s emphasis on communication in real-world situations.

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