Seattle University Tuition Academic Year & Financial Aid

Seattle University Tuition Academic Year & Financial Aid 2022/2023

If you are looking for an estimated price to attend Seattle University in 2023 then this post is for you. Check Seattle University tuition annual cost, forms of financial aid, scholarship aid or Pell grants, student loans, cost per credit hour, and financial services through our article below. Let’s take a look!

Seattle University Tuition & Costs For Undergraduate

For the school year 2022–2023, the expected undergraduate tuition and fees are $50,328. Compare with the average cost of college tuition nationwide, which is $41,568, Seattle University is more expensive.

The sticker price, often known as tuition and costs, is included in these numbers. Depending on the university, different fees may go toward supporting campus health centers, student centers, student gyms, and libraries.

Consider the overall cost and the net price while comparing the prices of other institutions. The sticker price plus the price of room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses makes up the total cost. At Seattle University, the total cost is $67,170. The average net price of a university is the overall cost less aid and scholarships, which for a typical student receiving need-based help amounts to $34,502 on average.

Below is a list of Seattle U tuition and costs for the academic year 2022-2023. This fee is formally announced by the school and is subject to alteration. Visit the school’s bursar/financial aid page for the most recent information and specifics on the fee schedule.

Budget for full-time student (3 quarters per year, 2022-2023)

On-CampusLiving with Parents/Relatives
Tuition (12-20 credits) $50,328$50,328
Room and Board$13,524$5,100
Books and Supplies $900$900
Personal$2,400 $2,400 
Technology Fee$546$546
Wellness Fee$450 $450 
Total Expenses$5,946$5,946
Total Cost of Attendance    $69,798$61,374

You can also see the table of Seattle University charges and costs over the most recent years for a more general overview.

YearTuition & Fees
2020-2021 $48,390 
2021-2022   $49,335
2022-2023   $50,328
Change % 2022-20232.01%

Seattle’s undergraduate tuition and fees are $49,335 for the academic year 2021–2022. In comparison to the prior year, undergraduate tuition has increased by 1.95% for 2022. Its undergraduate tuition and fees are much higher than the average of similar schools, which is $29,137 – private (non-profit) Master’s College and University (larger programs).

For the academic year 2022-2023, an undergraduate’s expected tuition and costs are $50,328. Compared to the rate in 2022, there is an increase of 2.0%. And as we mentioned above, this rate has been officially announced by the school, but it could change.

Financial Aid For Seattle University Students  

It could be overwhelming to consider the above-listed Attendance Cost. The good news is that most students don’t have to pay Seattle University’s full tuition cost. Seattle University tuition after financial aid will contribute to offset the cost of studying and reduce the family’s ability to pay for college.

The majority of Seattle University’s undergraduate students rely on financial help to pay for their education. In 2022, 2,240 of the 4,301 undergrads enrolled received financial aid. Seattle University meets 80% of the demonstrated financial requirements of undergraduates.

Financial aid is funding that can be used by students to pay for college and is typically given based on need or merit. There are four different types of aid:   

  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Student loans
  • Work-study

Grants & Merit Scholarships

Grants are awarded based on your financial need and may be provided by the federal government, your state, or the college. Grants are not subject to repayment.

Scholarships are given out depending on either academic excellence or financial need. Some students receive scholarships that are sufficient to pay for both their tuition and living expenses. Although they are not reimbursed, you might need to reapply for them every year.

Students at Seattle University who participate in Army, Air Force, or Navy ROTC may be eligible for ROTC grants.

In 2019–2020, 98% of Seattle University students earned grants. The average total aid amount was $26,710. 19% of students got aid in the form of Pell Grants from the United States Federal Government. The typical Pell Grant granted for 2019–2020 was $4,813. Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step in applying for a Pell Grant to attend Seattle University.

Financial Aid Summary
Percent of Students Receiving Grant Aid 98%
Average Total Grant Aid$26,710
Percent of Students Receiving Pell Grants 19%
Average Amount of Pell Grant Aid$4,813

Student Loans

Student loans are quantities of money provided to students to assist in their current college expenses. The money can be financed by private banks or the federal government. You’ll have to repay it afterwards.

A full-time, first-year student’s average financial aid package is about $39,537 per year. Approximately 70% of Seattle University first-year students borrow money to pay for any outstanding balances. Graduates from Seattle University who took out student loans leave with an average debt of $27,813.

How much student loan debt you take on can affect your finances for a long time after college. Your total student loan debt should ideally be less than your expected starting salary when you graduate.

At Seattle University, the average amount of federal student loan debt who finished their undergraduate degree is $20,500. If a graduate student paid back their federal loan over 10 years with an interest rate of 5.05%, the average monthly payment would be $205.

Work Study

Working while you’re a student can help you pay off your student debts more easily. For students who meet the requirements, schools offer campus jobs and work-study programs. While some universities assign work-study employment to students, others require them to apply for the positions just like they would for any other job.

Check to see whether your college has physical or online job boards before you start your job search. To discover a job that fits your hobbies and major, consult your lecturers, fellow students, or a career counselor.

Costs Per Credit Hour And Price Per Class

Cost Per Credit Hour $1,057
Price for one class (3 credit hours)$3,171
Price for one class (4 credit hours)$4,228

Based on published credit hour costs, an estimated cost for one class at Seattle University. Note that not all institutions permit enrolment in a single class. These costs should be used to assess how much it could cost to enroll in a course at Seattle University in comparison to other universities.

Seattle U Net Price Calculator

The Net Price is the total cost minus all the help that was given. In other words, this is the amount you have to pay out of pocket to the school. The Net Price goes down if the school costs less and you get more aid.

Since 2011, colleges must have a net price calculator on their websites to assist prospective students and their families in determining the true cost of attending that institution based on their financial condition. On the website, Seattle University provides a net cost estimator.

If you want a quick, general idea of what your annual Net Price for Seattle University, here’s a table with the Net Prices of real students. All you need is your family income.

If your family earns in the range of…Your Net Price will probably be approximately…
$0 – $30,000$27019
$30,001 – $48,000$29267
$48,001 – $75,000$31735
$75,001 – $110,000$34326
$110,000 and up$37390

Be aware that some figures could be a few years old and that current costs might be a little higher.

The number of family members and overall assets will determine your actual Net Price, however here is an example of a common Net Price.

Frequently, the school will want more details than merely income:

  • how many people live in your home
  • how many family members are enrolled in college
  • Parents’ salaries, earnings, and assets
  • Salaries, earnings, and assets for students

You will receive a specific net pricing that is more precise than the table above after finishing this process, which should take about 10-15 minutes.

Student Financial Services 

Seattle U Student Financial Services

If you would like more information about tuition and financial aid, grants, and scholarship opportunities, you can visit the Seattle University Financial Aid website or get in touch using the contact details below.  

  • Walk-in hours: Monday – Friday 10 AM – 3 PM 
  • Address:

Student Financial Services
901 12th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122


Seattle University offers a range of grants or scholarship aid options to help students pay tuition. With a wide variety of scholarships, grants, and loans available, students have many options to consider when it comes to financing their education. Taking the time to research and apply for financial aid can help make a Seattle University education more accessible, and ultimately more rewarding. Seattleducation hopes this article will be useful to you. Follow us on this website to stay up to date with the latest information. Thanks a lot for reading!


The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities has accredited Seattle University. For accreditation, several universities, institutions, and programs must pass inspection by outside organizations.

Seattle University is on the list of “best national universities” by U.S. News and World Report, and several of its programs got high marks in the 2022-2023 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges rankings.

The undergraduate programs in public administration, nursing, social work, marketing, computer and information sciences, accounting, biochemistry, and business administration are among those at Seattle University that College Factual scored in the top 15% or better of all programs nationwide.

The complete cost of attendance for the college, which includes tuition and prices, may be covered by the financial aid provided based on the FAFSA. Although it is theoretically possible for student financial aid to pay the full cost of tuition, in reality, it will fall short.

Normally, you’ll need to maintain a GPA of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale, or at least a C average. You can find out exactly what GPA your school considers satisfactory by contacting the financial assistance office. You risk losing your financial aid if your grades fall below this threshold.

Out-of-state tuition for Seattle University is $50,328. Since the state government contributes some funds to public colleges for the attendance of in-state students, tuition is greater for out-of-state students. Both in-state and out-of-state students often pay the same tuition at private colleges.

In-state tuition for Seattle University is $50,328. Each state has specific requirements for who can attend college there. For undergraduates who are claimed as dependents on their parents’ taxes, in-state tuition is usually determined by where their parents live.

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