Seattle University Scholarship Requirements For Undergraduate Students

Seattle University Scholarship Requirements For Undergraduate Students

Seattle University offers a variety of scholarships for students who meet the eligibility criteria. Learn more about the Seattle University scholarship requirements, find out if you are eligible for financial aid and how you can apply today!

About Seattle University 

About Seattle University

Founded in 1891, Seattle University is an esteemed Jesuit Catholic university and law school located on a sprawling 50-acre campus in the heart of Capitol Hill. Boasting over 7,200 students, the university gives a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across its eight schools and colleges.

As a home to over 850 international students from more than 60 countries, Seattle University proudly shines on the international stage with alumni residing in almost 100 countries. The university is highly respected and acclaimed for its academic excellence across the globe.

Studying at this University gives international students a chance to experience life in one of the most vibrant cities in the US. You’ll get individualized attention, receive an excellent education and join a passionate community of dedicated students and faculty.

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Seattle University Financial Aid 

At Seattle University, 96% of undergraduates are eligible to receive financial aid in the form of student loans, need-based grants, merit-based scholarships, and work-study opportunities.

Scholarships are a type of loan that you don’t have to pay back. Need-based scholarships take a student’s financial situation into account. Students get scholarships based on their academic or athletic achievements. You may qualify for a scholarship based on your community service, unique hobbies or traits, personal background, or a parent’s employer or military affiliation. 

Grants are gifts that you don’t have to pay back. Seattle University is pleased to distribute grants like Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Washington College Grant, and Seattle University Grants. Students at Seattle University who participate in Army, Air Force, or Navy ROTC may be eligible for ROTC grants.

Student loans are a type of funding that must be paid back. The Student Financial Services Office at Seattle University offers several loans. These include Federal Direct Loans, Federal Nursing Loan, Federal Direct PLUS loans for Parents, Federal Direct PLUS loans for graduate students, and Alaska Loan. 

Work Study aid is a type of work-to-earn award where students are paid to work. Students can improve their current classes and their future careers by combining classroom learning with work experience. Work-study programs at SU connect students with employers in the Seattle area.

Benefits Of Seattle U Scholarships 

Seattle University Scholarships provides the recipients below advantages:

Cost Savings: With reduced tuition and fees, students can save a substantial amount of money on their college education. This can be especially important for those who are paying for college out-of-pocket or are unable to qualify for federal financial aid.

Increased Accessibility: Scholarships can provide a pathway for students who may not have access to other types of financial aid. By providing scholarships to those who have financial needs, Seattle University helps make higher education more accessible to students from all backgrounds.

Increased Opportunity: Seattle U awards scholarships to students with exceptional academic performance, financial need, or other unique traits. They give students who may not qualify for other financial aid new opportunities by offering scholarships.

Improved Academic Performance: Scholarships can help students concentrate on their studies rather than college finances. This can improve academic performance and increase graduation opportunities.

For students who maintain satisfactory academic progress, which includes continuous full-time enrollment with the required GPA, merit scholarships are renewable for up to four years ($12,000 = $48,000 over 4 academic years).

Types Of Available Scholarships

First-Year Scholarships

First-year students who complete an admissions application to Seattle University are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. These scholarships are determined by the data in the admissions application, not family finances, and are renewable for up to four years.

Merit-based scholarships for first-year students usually range from $13,000 to $30,000 per year. The university guarantees that any amount you receive as an institutional gift will remain constant for all four years you are eligible to attend SU.

The university’s regular admission requirements for the fall, winter, or spring quarter must be met by scholarship recipients. Additional need-based aid may be available to students, as determined by the FAFSA. Scholarships given at the time of admission aren’t subject to change.

Transfer Scholarships

When transfer students fill out a Seattle University application, they are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. These scholarships can be used for up to four years and are based on the information in the admissions application, not on family finances.

In addition, the university promises that the value of any institutional gift you receive will remain over the course of your studies.

McGoldrick Scholarship 

The McGoldrick Alumni Scholarship is named in honor of the late Fr. James B. McGoldrick, S.J., who taught academic psychology at Seattle University and served as dean from 1895 to 1983. Fr. McGoldrick served thousands of students at Seattle University over the years as a teacher, mentor, and friend.

The McGoldrick Endowment Fund aids in providing financial assistance to children and grandchildren of Seattle University alumni in keeping with Fr. McGoldrick’s commitment to students.

The university and its donors are committed to funding this merit scholarship in order to uphold Seattle University’s legacy and excellence from generation to generation. All first-year students who qualify are eligible for the scholarship.

In addition to the scholarships listed above, Seattle offers scholarships opportunities i.e Sullivan Leadership Award, Fostering Scholars, Sperry Goodman Endowed Scholarship, and Seattle U Bound Scholarship, etc.

Seattle University Scholarship Requirements For Students 

For Seattle University Scholarships, applicants have to meet the eligibility requirements listed below:

  • Required Languages: English
  • Eligible Countries: All World countries
  • Undergraduate applicants should have the equivalent of a U.S. grade-point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Give official, certified English language translations of all transcripts from each educational institution attended.
  • No matter how long they have lived in the country, or what their citizenship or immigration status is, applicants whose first language is not English have to demonstrate English proficiency.
  • For international freshmen applicants, Seattle University does not demand an ACT or SAT. However, these scores do help an application.

How To Apply For Seattle U Scholarships?

To apply for Seattle U scholarships, please follow the instructions below:

  1. On Common App, register a new account here.
  2. Fill out your application with details (General, Academic, Contacts, Family, and Activities). 
  3. Once all the required parts are done, you will see the option to Review and Submit your application on this screen.
  4. They will review your application, and you will receive an email indicating whether you were accepted or not.

In short, Seattle University offers a variety of scholarships that can help to make your educational dreams a reality. All admitted students are encouraged to apply for scholarships, as they may be eligible for multiple awards. 

To learn more about the scholarship process and requirements, visit the Seattle University Financial Aid website. You can also contact the Seattle University Financial Aid office with any questions or concerns you may have. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to pursue your education and make your dreams come true – apply for a Seattle University scholarship today!

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Seattle University Scholarships 2023-2024 is a fully funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is for Undergraduate studies. This scholarship gives up to $48,000 over 4 years.

Yes. There are numerous scholarships available at Seattle University for international students.

Despite the recognition given to outstanding students in the realms of academics, music, and sports, there are plenty of scholarship opportunities for students of all backgrounds to take advantage of.

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