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Charter school Initiative 1240 in Washington State

Charter school Initiative 1240 squeaked through with a 1% lead. Not too bad considering the pro-charter folks forked out over $10M compared to the rest of us who were able to scrape together $750,000 in a very short period of time.

Because it appears that people still have a lot of questions about this initiative, I decided to post all of the information that has been accrued on this page for reference.

Policy Memo on Washington State Initiative 1240

The inconvenient truth about charter school Initiative 1240

Why Initiative 1240 won’t work for Washington State: The abbreviated version

No on charter school Initiative 1240 talking points

Washington State charter school Initiative 1240 and the lack of accountability

The “school conversion” clause in Initiative 1240, the parent trigger and ALEC model legislation

The Seattle Public School Board says “NO!” on charter school Initiative 1240 and so does our superintendent

FUSE’s silence on Initiative 1240 is deafening


A letter from one Washingtonian (DC) to his west coast brethren: Reasons for rejecting charter school Initiative 1240

Seattle Times Buries Info that is Critical of Initiative I-1240

Scrappy Seattle Blogs Scoop the Seattle-McKenna Times on Charter School Initiative News

Vote NO on charter school Initiative 1240 (pass it on!)

More information on the Walmart Waltons and charter school Initiative 1240

Why are the Walton’s spending so much money on charter school Initiative 1240?

Maybe Representative Reuven Carlyle will reconsider his stand on Initiative 1240

Charter school Initiative 1240: A video

A call to action on the No on Initiative 1240 campaign and a video

Walmart Waltons: The movie

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