Private School Seattle Cost, Tuition, Financial Aid & Ranking 2023

Private School Seattle Cost, Tuition, Financial Aid & Ranking 2023

Are you considering sending your child to a private school in Seattle? Discover Private School Seattle cost, average tuition, financial aid, rankings of the best private schools in the Seattle area, and more through our posts below. Find out all the information you need to know to make the right choice for your child.

Benefits of Private School Education 

Many parents think about enrolling their children in private schools when deciding on the best choises for their kids’ education. Many benefits that public schools cannot offer are only available at private schools. Listed below are a few advantages of private schooling that parents may find appealing.

  • Smaller Class Sizes: Compared to public schools, private schools frequently have smaller class sizes, enabling teachers to supply more individualized instruction to each student. Students benefit from a better learning environment and more individualized instruction as a result, which can improve their performance.
  • Better Facilities: Private schools frequently have better facilities and more resources than public schools. Students will benefit from having more access to extracurricular activities and a wider variety of educational resources as a result, which will help them in their academic pursuits.
  • Higher Standards: Students are held to a higher standard because private schools are frequently more demanding than public ones. They might be motivated to put in more effort to accomplish their goals and aim for higher grades as a result.
  • Parental Involvement: Generally speaking, parental involvement in private schools is higher than it is in public schools. Parents can work closely with educators and administrators to ensure that their child is learning and developing appropriately.
  • Specialized Programs: Private schools frequently offer specialized programs to cater to the needs of particular students. These programs may be useful for students who need special assistance or additional support.
  • Flexible Schedules: Compared to public schools, private schools frequently offer more flexible schedules, enabling students to receive more individualized instruction that is tailored to their particular needs.

Average Cost Of Private School In Washington State

All schools 

In Washington, the average annual cost of private schooling is $12,303. (2022-23).

Newport Children’s School, which charges a tuition of $1,450, is the private school with the least expensive fees. The Northwest School in Washington has the most expensive private school tuition at $41,275.

High schools 

The average private high school tuition in Washington is $14,635 per year (2022-23).

Bethel Baptist Christian School, a private high school, charges $3000 in tuition, making it the least expensive private high school.

The Northwest School in Washington has the highest private high school tuition at $41,275.

Elementary schools

Washington’s average private elementary school tuition is $12,360 a year (2022-23).

TLC Montessori, a private elementary school, charges the lowest tuition of $1,820.

With a tuition of $41,275, The Northwest School is the private elementary school in Washington with the most expensive fees.

Private School Seattle Cost Average

All schools

In Seattle, Washington, there will be 122 private schools for 24,801 students in the 2023 school year (there are 190 public schools, serving 89,407 public students). Compared to the 9% state average, 22% of all K–12 students in Seattle, WA attend private schools.

Epiphany School, Spring Academy, and Dartmoor School are some of Seattle, Washington’s top-rated private schools. 

The average fee is $19,020, which is more than the $12,344 average for private schools in Washington

High schools

In Seattle, Washington, 32 private high schools will enroll 10,634 students for the 2023 school year.

Seattle Christian Schools, Spring Academy, and Dartmoor School are some of the best-ranked private high schools in Seattle, Washington.

The average fee is $22,577, which is more expensive than the $14,498 average for private high schools in Washington.

39% of Seattle, WA’s private high schools are religiously affiliated (most commonly Catholic and Christian).

Elementary schools

There are 94 Private Elementary Seattle schools in Washington, which will have 20,548 students enrolled for the 2023 academic year.

In Seattle, Washington, the top-rated private elementary schools are Seattle Christian Schools, Spring Academy, and Epiphany School.

The average tuition is $19,231, which is more expensive than the $12,406 average for private elementary schools in Washington.

43% of private elementary schools in Seattle, Washington, are religiously affiliated (most commonly Catholic and Christian).

Seattle Private School Ranking

Here are the Top 10 Rated Private Schools in Seattle (2023)

School Grades Yearly Tuition CostAcceptance RateLocation 
Dartmoor School1-12Tuition depends on enrollment.95% 9622 Roosevelt Way NESeattle, WA 98115
2Epiphany SchoolPK-5



3611 E Denny WaySeattle, WA 98122
Seattle Christian SchoolsK-12$11,50075%18301 Military Road SSeattle, WA 98188
4Spring Academy6-12$23,80095% 9725 3rd Ave NE Ste 125Seattle, WA 98115
Fusion Academy Seattle6-12Students pay based on the number of classes they take per termn/a 214 E. Galer Street, Suite 200Seattle, WA 98102
Academy SchoolsPK-12$9,75070% 14601 Interurban Ave SSeattle, WA 98168
Assumption-st Bridget SchoolPK-8n/a n/a 6220 32nd Ave NeSeattle, WA 98115
Bertschi SchoolNS-5$29,36035% 2227 10th Avenue ESeattle, WA 98102
Bishop Blanchet High School9-12$15,540n/a 8200 Wallingford Ave NSeattle, WA 98103
10 Brightmont Academy – Seattle6-12$24,500n/a 9750 3rd Avenue NE, Suite 102Seattle, WA 98115

Financial Aid Private School Seattle Area 

When selecting a private school in Seattle, financial aid is a crucial consideration. Financial aid can make the difference in making a private school education an affordable option because the tuition for many private schools in Seattle is higher than for public schools.

Merit-based aid is one of Seattle Private School’s most well-liked financial aid options. Students who exhibit exceptional academic achievement and leadership potential are given merit-based financial aid. Grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid can all be based on merit.

Seattle Private School also offers need-based financial aid. Students who exhibit a financial need that cannot be met by other sources are given need-based aid. Grants, scholarships, and other forms of assistance are all examples of need-based aid.

Last but not least, Seattle Private School also provides unique programs that can offer extra support to students who need it in order to pay for tuition. These initiatives could offer things like loan forgiveness for students and tuition assistance.

Below are the financial aid percentages for some public schools in Seattle, WA.

School Grades % on Financial Aid (2023) Average Financial Aid Grant
Lakeside School1-8 31% $24,225
The Bush SchoolNS-1221%$22,500
Seattle Academy6-12 23% n/a 
The Northwest School6-12 15%$32,770
Seattle Christian SchoolsK12 33% n/a 
Epiphany SchoolPK-515% $18,487
Hamlin Robinson School1-8 23%$11,000
The Lake & Park SchoolPK-5 20%$3,000
Puget Sound Community School6-12 30% $9,000
Holy Names Academy9-12 33% n/a 

As a parent, you should watch the video below to make the right decision in choosing a school for your child.

In conclusion, private schools provide a fantastic opportunity for students to receive a top-notch education and for parents to give their kids a head start in their academic careers. Private schools in Seattle offer excellent opportunities for both students and parents thanks to the range of tuition prices, and financial aid programs available, thus limiting the budget to pay for parents.

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One drawback of private education is that it is frequently very expensive and out of reach for families with lower incomes.

It will depend on your individual circumstances and the kind of student your child is whether or not a private school education is worthwhile. Some students will benefit academically from private education and be able to enroll in a prestigious university. It might be pointless for some people.

The Harvard study concludes that “private schools have a statistically significant advantage for each of the 13 discipline problems examined”. The researchers draw the following conclusions as a result: “the safety benefits of private schooling are large,” and that “private school vouchers could be tickets to safer schools”.

Families appreciate that private schools offer a secure learning environment and emphasize morality and personal responsibility. The lower staff-to-student ratio enables more observation and intervention in the event of a conflict.

Private school students perform better academically than their public school counterparts, according to past reports from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

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