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8+ Best Paid Online Courses

Belieablesoft Academy (Digital Marketing)

Founded in 2002, Belieablesoft Academy is one of the most trusted training platforms for learning digital marketing. Through their online academy, they offer 13 courses that cover all major areas of digital marketing including:

  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • E-Commerce
  • Content Marketing
  • Keyword search
  • promotional email
  • Social Media Marketing
  • digital marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Google ads

The most popular course is the Complete Digital Marketing Course, which teaches students the secrets of online marketing through a series of videos and tutorials. After completing the course, you can obtain your SEO Certificate and Digital Marketing Certificate.

digital marketing training

Students can download courses offline or follow lessons using the online interface.

Belieablesoft courses are highly rated by students, are affordable, and come with an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee.

There is a firmware fee for learning the software, but there is an 80% discount when you sign up for a course.

Master class

If you love pop culture, you will love to be a part of MasterClass. In industries like acting, creative writing, sports, and more, celebrities and experts in the field share their mastery with the world on a daily basis.

Here are some of the course topics covered in the MasterClass:

  • Business
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Sports Games
  • Science and Technology
  • design style
  • Music
  • Dish
  • Writes

The masterClass is set up as a membership platform with a fee of $15 per month paid annually. Although they do not offer a free trial, they do have an extended 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

It is very easy to use, allows downloads for offline viewing, uses PDF workbooks for each category, and is mobile-friendly. They add new chapters every month, so you’re sure to have more to browse. If you’re curious, MasterClass is for you.


If you are looking to advance your knowledge in an industry that represents the way of the future, Codecademy has some of the best online courses in programming. Codecademy looks to rebuild the education system from the bottom up in creating the education the world really needs.

Below are the topics offered by Codecademy courses:

  • network development
  • data science
  • computer science
  • development tools
  • machine learning
  • Database
  • Sites Design
  • game development
  • mobile development
  • Visual display of information
  • There is also a wide range of markup languages ​​offered such as Javascript, HTML & CSS, PHP, etc.

Codecademy’s price is a 3-tier membership. The good news here is that there is a free option, and while the choice is limited to real-world content and projects, it’s a great way to get some basic training.

The Pro tier is for individuals and is paid $19.99 per month or $29.99 per month if you pay monthly. The third level is team membership where you can get a quote if you enter your email and company name. There is also a discount for undergraduates!

Overall, if you want to add coding to your professional skills, Codeacademy is the place to start.

Skillshare courses online

Skillshare came out of the highly technical coding world and was founded with creativity in mind. Skillshare not only helps members get inspired and learn new skills, but also allows coaches to share their expertise and earn money.

Founded in 2010, Skillshare has organized some of the best online classes for innovators and creators.

Here are just a few of the categories it offers:

  • Clarification
  • design
  • Photography
  • video
  • free work

To access all Skillshare courses, you need to create a Premium account that comes with a 7-day free trial. After the trial period, you can pay an annual fee of $99 or $19 per month. I even see a special 30% off on their website, so be sure to check out the deals!

What I find valuable with this membership is that you will have access to all the great classes and seminars available on this platform.

You can follow your favorite teachers, keep a library of classes you want to attend, check your class history and get more easy to use and convenient features. It is definitely one to check out.

Simply learn

Started in 2009 as a blog for sharing project management tips, Simplilearn has grown into the world’s premier online bootcamp. The platform offers premium lessons for industry-leading digital professionals.

Through individual courses, comprehensive degree programs, and partnerships with world-renowned universities, the platform provides work-ready skills for the ever-changing digital world.

Among these online courses are topics including:

  • project management
  • network security
  • cloud computing
  • business leaders
  • IT Services
  • digital marketing
  • Software development
  • Quality Management

Simplilearn is aggregated from individual courses, so there are no membership requirements. If you are looking for higher education options and access to some of the best online classes in digital skills, then this platform is worth browsing through.

Some online training programs offer live and automated class enrollment options, and depending on the complexity and size of the course, it can range from $99 to $3,000.

I recommend checking thoroughly the landing page for the course you are considering; Watching introductory videos, viewership ratings, and reading FAQs will help you avoid unrealistic expectations.

Harvard University Online Courses

Harvard University has an entire page dedicated to online education. Because of its resources, topics are available anywhere, from art and design to health and medicine, and then to programming.

Here is a list of other online Harvard University offerings:

  • Business
  • computer science
  • Education
  • Maths
  • Sciences
  • Social sciences

These programs range from $0 to $50,000+. Although most classes offer a certificate of completion, some classes can be completed as credit toward a degree. If you are looking for some formal education in your field, Harvard University is the best place for you.

Microsoft Learn Online Training

The goal of Learn Microsoft is to encourage both beginners and experienced professionals to achieve their goals faster by learning at their own pace. There are 3 ways to learn on this platform with online courses, certifications, and live and recorded events.

Instead of categorizing, Microsoft Learn breaks down courses by role:

  • boss
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • app builder
  • Business Analysis
  • business users
  • Data analyst
  • data engineer
  • data scientist
  • database administrator

Microsoft Learn isn’t the most user-friendly site, so I recommend using the “Explore Your Path” function to find the right courses for you.

Courses range from free to $1,500+. If you move to this platform, be sure to check out the Learn TV option for some valuable learning opportunities.

Shaw Academy Online Courses

With over 100 courses to choose from, Shaw Academy offers a large number of online courses. They believe that it is never too late to learn, and so they easily get the degree that actually leads to success.

These online courses cover categories like:

  • Photography
  • marketing
  • Business
  • beauty, beauty
  • Health and wellness
  • Technology
  • Music
  • design
  • and more…

Shaw Academy starts with a 4 week free trial. You can then choose one of their paid subscription plans. Costs $39 per month (for 3 months), $35 per month (for 6 months), $19 per month (12 months).

Their courses offer certifications, and they have a teacher support feature, which means you can get answers to your questions, which is always helpful when navigating online courses. .

Some more cheap paid online courses

MIT’s The Analytics Edge

If you put in 2-4 hours a week, you can do it automatically in about 7 weeks.

This middle school key with R and LibreOffice to test forms and files For $49 you can get a verified certificate.

LibreOffice works as a support for Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, as a free program that teaches you the knowledge base of spreadsheet research and systematic statistics.

The methods that this class will implement in R include data visualization directly, CART; and logistical agreements. Professional Certificate in Data Science from Website

IBM website

Taught by IBM’s Chief Data Scientist, Said Agabusorgi, this course aims to teach you machine learning, the younger brother of AI.

Using the popular programming language accessible from Python, you’ll dive into algorithms like classification, clustering, regression, dimensionality reduction, and models like Random Forest, Squared Error Original, and Split Ship/Test.

The course lasts five weeks with an expected workload of 4-6 hours per week. There is no joining fee and for $39 you will get a verified certificate upon completion.

Nanodegree C++

This program requires students to take the course with an intermediate knowledge of any programming language.

Nano mode can be completed in 4 or 5 months, with a commitment time of about 10 hours per week. Divided into four components:

  • C++ base;
  • object-oriented programming (OOP);
  • memory management;

The program ends with a capstone project that involves building a C++ application of your own invention for just $399 per month.

Vocal style 101

Instructor Runja Perv takes vocal students starting through basic anatomy of the throat and vocal tract, the physics of sound production, proper warm-up techniques, and breathing aids to prepare them for lessons. Later as a lyrical interpretation and working with a band.

For just $69, this mini course can be completed in ten four-hour sessions, which is a real bargain.

Students will upload videos of their performance to the site for peer review.

Cadenzie has strict societal standards for how peer reviews are conducted (TL; DR: Folks, be nice)

Music Theory 1 – Part 1

Recognized by the Grammy Foundation for his contributions to the field of music education, instructor Dr. Jason Allen is here to guide you through the confusing areas of music assessment and technical knowledge. In this mini course of 7 sessions.

Requiring about an hour of work per session, this is part of a series of six courses that are roughly equivalent in the scope of First Year Music Theory 101 and 102.

Also, subscribing to the first part of this sequence will result in a discount on the rest.

Bonnie Biafore Project Management Facility

This beginner’s course has taught over a quarter of a million people about project scope, quality management, and project communication.

This class can be had for $34.99 plus registration and lasts over 3 hours.


It gives you free access to a Startup Kit on IT skills and over 65 hours of training.

For $28.50 per month, add 4,000 hours of online training. For $42 a month, students unlock virtual labs and access test practice and the services of professional study coaches.

Students can search for internships from this website by course type, required certifications, or job title.

In addition to technology courses, ITProTV also offers courses in project management and service management.

Springboard tracks digital marketing jobs

This digital marketing course is possible for as little as $2,399 for six months of study (if paid up front, more if you have the funds).

This price includes all Springboard student services and there are no additional fees or charges above the stated price.

All inclusive. This 200-hour course requires approximately 8-10 hours of study per week.

Program to participate in the $10,000 Google AdWords Project, where students use Google grants to help nonprofits boost their web beacons

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