Ms. Elizabeth Lunas

Elizabeth Lunas
  • Full name: Elizabeth De Lunas
  • Academic title: BA at the University of Virginia, majoring in psychology
  • Expertise: Applied Linguistics, Diplomatic Psychology
  • Position: editor (casual)

About Ms Elizabeth Lunas

Elizabeth Lunas has been the Article Editor for Seattleducation since the website was founded. She has nearly 5 years of experience writing scientific reports related to academic topics, sharing educational blogs for children nationally and internationally.

Elizabeth began writing professionally at a middle school site in the Washington department before becoming a freelance writer at the Seattle education Site.

Her articles currently revolve around the issues of the city of Seattle and are mainly covered by universities, colleges, online learning programs, skills courses for all ages.

About Seattleducation

At, we understand that learning is endless, unstoppable, and incredibly important. Our target audience is Students and curious people who always want more from online courses, prestigious universities, information related to learning applications or education related matters, etc.

Our readers love Seattle for its short, easy to understand and in-depth writing style. The education-savvy editorial team brings you the latest information, guides you through specific processes, and helps you complete your research projects quickly.

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