How To Get Physical Education Certification In Washington State?

How To Get Physical Education Certification In Washington State?

How To Get Physical Education Certification In Washington State? You need to attend a PE course and score well on the state test to become a licensed professional engineer in Washington. Depending on your skill set and physical condition, you will be placed in an appropriate physical education course.

What is Physical Education Certification?

Physical Education Certification is the endorsement given to a teacher in order to teach physical education and health courses. It involves completing coursework, student teaching and a residency certificate in order for an individual to obtain the necessary qualifications for a teacher certificate.

Physical Education Certification requires that the individual have knowledge of health and physical education topics as well as complete a teacher education program with an emphasis on physical education.

A residency certificate may also be required in order to demonstrate that the individual has knowledge of physical education content, teaching strategies, and assessment practices in order to effectively teach physical education classes.

Benefits of getting Physical Education Certification

  • Getting a Physical Education Certification can be extremely beneficial for those looking to pursue a career in physical therapy.
  • With a certification, physical therapists will have the necessary qualifications to fill job openings in a variety of settings such as special education and public instruction.
  • Physical Education Certification requires completion of a degree program as well as preparation programs to meet the professional educator standards.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are an increasing number of job openings for physical therapists with certifications due to the growing demand for special services within schools and community areas.
  • Therefore, obtaining Physical Education Certification can help professionals qualify for these positions and advance their career in the physical therapy field.

What is Required for Certification in Washington State?

Education Requirements

In order to become a physical education (PE) teacher in Washington State, individuals must complete a series of steps in order to obtain teacher certification.

This includes coursework in physical education and health, student teaching, and the completion of an endorsement.

Once these requirements are met, individuals must apply for and receive a residency certificate in order to become a PE teacher with a professional certificate. After this process is finished, they can apply for their teacher certificate in order to become certified teachers.

In Washington State all teachers must complete the necessary steps before they can become certified and receive their professional certificate.

It is important that all individuals interested in becoming PE teachers understand all requirements and follow them carefully in order to successfully obtain their certification.

Professional Experience Requirements

In order to be certified as a physical therapist in Washington State, one must meet certain professional experience requirements.

This includes having a degree program from an accredited institution in physical therapy or special education and completing an approved preparation program.

Additionally, the applicant must demonstrate knowledge of the professional educator standards as established by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Job openings for physical therapists are plentiful in Washington State according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so meeting these requirements is well worth it for those looking to pursue this career path.

How to get physical education certification in Washington state?

Research Certification Requirements

In order to get physical education certification in Washington state, one must meet a certain set of requirements.

  • This includes having a degree program from a college or university that is accredited in physical therapy or special education.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are many job openings for physical therapists and the need for public instruction in this field continues to grow.
  • As such, an online graduate certificate is offered by many universities which can help individuals gain the professional educator standards necessary to become certified.
  • Additionally, depending on their topic preferences, news releases can be found online about how to pursue an education certification in physical education.

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree is an important step for those looking to get physical education certification in Washington state.

Physical therapists are in high demand, with job openings expected to grow by 28% over the next decade according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Special education teachers can also benefit from this degree, as Washington requires passing a professional educator standards exam for public instruction.

Graduate certificates may be available online and through universities, allowing students to focus on topic preferences or specializations that suit their interests.

For those interested in finding out more details about physical education certification in Washington state, news releases and other resources can provide helpful information.

Complete an Approved Teacher Preparation Program

Completing an approved teacher preparation program is a great way to get started in the field of education. It can help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a physical therapist, special education professional, or other educator.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are numerous job openings in public instruction and an increasing need for qualified teachers and educators across the country.

An online graduate certificate program provides students with the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of professional educator standards and topics related to their preferences.

Additionally, participating in news releases and other events allows students to stay up-to-date on developments in the field of education.

Apply for a Washington State Teaching Certificate

The state requires potential teachers to meet certain entry requirements and pass certification exams in order to obtain the necessary teaching certification.

For those interested in PE teaching, there is an endorsement in health available with PE teacher jobs.

Those interested in elementary education can also get an endorsement or alternatively pursue an alternative route program.

Becoming a licensed teacher in Washington State requires meeting these entry requirements and passing the certification exams, so it’s important to be aware of them before attempting to apply for a teaching certificate.


In Washington State, students are required to have 1 year of physical education (PE) while in high school. This requirement is set by the Washington Superintendent of Public Education and must be met in order to receive a high school diploma.

An approved PE Teacher Preparation Program is the best way to prepare for certification and should be approved by the Washington Superintendent of Public Education. Once you complete an approved program, you can become a certified teacher in Washington State. 

Qualified teachers may study sports or PE (QTS). Those without QTS may get a PGCE. University or school-based training may achieve this.

Physical education teaching is required for all students in grades one through eight in public schools, under RCW 28A.230.040. Students may be excused owing to physical impairment, religious conviction, or directed sports activity.

The State of Washington mandates that high school graduates complete the equivalent of three (3) semesters of Physical Education, each worth 50 credits.

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