In response to Charlottesville


Being African American, I have seen and heard many things in my life, many times because most people don’t know my heritage and speak freely of others who are different.

Early in my life there were Ku Klux Klan rallies in the south. No one stirred, protested, or decried the racism. It was expected and as a family we mourned the ignorance of others.

When I heard about the actions in Charlottesville I was horrified. The deadly violence towards others in this circumstance is beyond my comprehension. An innocent woman killed while protesting racism and bigotry is unforgivable.

My second thought though, was that fifty years ago you would not have seen protesters decrying this display of bigotry and ignorance or hundreds of vigils around the country in response to the violence perpetrated by those who hate others simply for looking different.

As we remain shocked by this incident in Charlottesville, I think about how far we have come in my lifetime. People actively showing their disagreement with racism, standing toe to toe with others in the streets, marches, vigils, the public outcry…this didn’t happen decades ago but it is happening now and for that I am grateful.

Know that I and many others feel deeply appreciative of the support by so many from every walk of life.

There are at least 400 gatherings held around the country today, you can find one in your area and show your support and mourn the death of an innocent victim.

Dora Taylor




11 thoughts on “In response to Charlottesville

  1. I have much more mixed feelings though. I see where you’re coming from with how far we’ve come, but at the same time I can’t help but shake my head at how the party of defeating slavery and Nazis (Lincoln and Eisenhower) has become what it is with Trump (and not all Republicans, but some).

    1. I know. It shocks me to see such hatred being spewed and wonder how someone can have such deep rooted feelings in their souls.

      Watching trump display the same horrifying emotions makes me angry and want to take action which I do…with my words.

  2. From what I’ve learned about Florida and a few other states in recent years, those states like Florida and Arizona are not as free from bullies and conmen as others are.
    Now the problem is spreading the truth here in Hialeah Education Academic. Inc in Hialeah Dade Coimty FL is the way they treat black students by the way they do a lot of things relating with discrimination and students abuse

    1. Perhaps, however, letting Trump “call” out to the worst in our society and thus bring those who would hate and abuse into the light, allows the rest of our nation to loudly and soundly disavow the subject — a subject about which our legislators would surely have been allowed to keep silent. FORCING the naming of White Supremacy Terrorism, a terrorism which has actually killed more victims over the past years than any other “terrorism” (except that of domestic abuse), may be the first step to naming, denouncing and finally ridding ourselves of this fatal parasite.

    2. I agreed because I’m been ignored by those elected regarding what happened with my Daughter and others students . I notified the superintendent of the Miami Dade county school system of a group of students who were promoting racial hatred and racial hatred against Jews and Jehovah’s Witnesses, the school where my child attends minimized the danger posed by such a problem because there were amenasas Both discriminatory as well as violent threats where weopons were included in the comments of the participant who is part of the movement. Nazism and racial odip is something that concerns and is worrying.

  3. I grew up in California where you didn’t see that sort of thing but we had relatives who lived in New Orleans and I will never forget having to sit in the balcony to watch a movie there.

    On top of that, the movie was Zulu which was an extremely racist view of an African tribe.

  4. I grew up in the South in the era of separate water fountains and restrooms, only backdoor service (if that) at restaurants, and back of the bus ridership. I too am grateful for the coalitions for justice being formed and for social media that can help organize groups for gatherings in opposition to the racism and hate-mongers, including too many elected officials who remain silent.

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