Nova High School Common Core SBAC opt outs at 100% for 10th and 11th graders

opting out3Nova High School, an “option school” in Seattle that offers project based, student oriented learning with a focus on critical and creative thinking, broke the record in terms of opt outs in Seattle with 100% of the 10th and 11th graders opting out of the Common Core SBAC test. After researching the Common Core Standards and much deliberation by parents and students, parents opted their students out of the SBAC and the remaining students refused to take the test. There was zero participation on the first day of the SBAC testing for Nova High School. Submitted by Dora Taylor


  1. Thank you for keeping Seattle citizens informed.

    Middle schools are allowing EIGHT periods for Language Arts SBAC. Then, the students have 4 periods reserved for math SBAC.

    I received a letter from the district. The letter was very cheerful!

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