The Kiss of Death to Public Schools: Bill Gates and the Dementors

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I am clarifying this because Suzanne Estey, who is running against Sue Peters for Seattle school board, just sent out another nasty gram in desperation attributing this graphic to Sue Peters, Suzanne’s opponent, in an attempt to win her seat on the board even though she has less creds than Sue.

This graphic was mailed to me by an opponent to I1240, the charter school amendment, and I chose to post it.

For more on Bill Gates and his ideas on education, see:

Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation

The Weekly Update: Money, power and corruption; Gates is not so sure his ideas will work…but, oh well; TFA, Inc cashes in again and more

For more on Nick Hanuaer, a major contributor to Suzanne Estey’s campaign, see:

An Open Letter to Nick Hanauer from Bill Lyne, President of United Faculty of Washington State


Initiative I-1240: The money and the lies

“Before you can fund the charter school, you have to fund an advocacy organization that can create a climate for the charter school to exist”

Senator Adam Kline: A bad day for the democratic process

The League of Education Voters is at it again. This time they’re going after the teachers.

Rainier Beach Responds to the League of Education Voters Attack on Its School and Community

For information about Chris Korsmo, Lisa Macfarlane, formerly with LEV, and the League of Education Voters (LEV) see:

A Look Back at the League of Education Voters

Lisa Macfarlane of WA DFER, and now Suzanne Estey, with their conspiracy theories

For more on Lisa Macfarlane, now Director of Democrats for Education Reform  (DFER) for Washington State, and another major contributor to Estey’s campaign, see:

A vote for Sue Peters is a vote for the rest of us


Submitted by Dora Taylor

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