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One of the main reasons the students dislike the MAP test is not only because of the waste of time, but it closes the library. We were told today that the library and all 4 computer labs will be closed at all times for the rest of February for MAP testing. That means no books, computers, internet, or printing-which many students rely on.

Garfield High School student

After being pressured by the superintendent to administer the MAP test days earlier than required, students refused to take the MAP test. In some classes it was 100% participation. In those classes, the teacher continued to teach and the lessons continued as planned.

School administrators went into classrooms to pull students out of their classes to take the test in the library but instead the students stared straight ahead and would not budge.

Most of the handful of students who ended up in the library in front of computers refused to press a single button. Others went through the MAP test, selecting random answers and completing the test under 15 minutes theoretically making the test results invalid.

Because of this response, the library will reopen today and only the computer labs will be used for MAP testing.

There were 200 plus opt out letters submitted by parents to the counseling office yesterday morning as word got out that Superintendent Banda had just the day before sent out a robocall at 4:00 PM announcing that the staff was required to administer the MAP test, days earlier than previously required.

The teachers remain united in their refusal to administer the MAP and the majority of students and parents are in support.

Watch: Garfield High School students react to MAP testing controversy.

Dora Taylor