“Violence is a disease, a disease that corrupts all who use it regardless of the cause.”

Chris Hedges

After going through the emotions that a parent goes through hearing about a child being hurt or killed, I began to think that the children in Newton, CT should not die in vain.

It was ironic that after the first few reports about the shootings at the elementary school in this small, quiet town came out, the next news story would be about the Pentagon and their next warring tactics or how we were arming Turkey to fight against Syria. We wonder why innocent children die but the answer is closer than we think. It is what we have become, a warring and violent nation that everyday hears about violent deaths and because it doesn’t affect us directly or we think that we’re insulated from it, we go on. There are guns that anyone can get, no, not guns, weapons of mass destruction that can be acquired easily, we have been at war with a nation or a people as long as I have been alive, we have drones “manned” by boys that look as if they’re playing a video game, video games that are about shooting, killing and maiming and moves and TV shows that sometimes are so violent that I choose not to see many of them.

We wring our hands and wonder why these horrific incidents occur but all we need to do is look around us or listen just for a moment. We are a violent society. Acts of rape, murder, pornography, that’s right, sexual violence against women, sexual violence and abuse of children and state condoned torture are now commonplace but we do nothing about it. We say nothing. We therefore condone it with our silence.

Yes, we will have our candlelight vigils and shake our heads and then go on but what about the next time?

It is time to say that enough is enough. Haven’t enough children died?

Remember MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving? They got down to business and got tough drunk driving laws into place. We need to do that with gun control. Yes, there are a relatively few number of people with money who think its OK for anyone  to walk around with an assault rifle, better yet, a concealed assault rifle, but then there are the rest of us who think that there is no valid reason for anyone to have such weaponry.

We also need to start saying in unison that any and all violence is unacceptable and when it is done to another human being, it will be punished to the fullest extent whether it is wife abuse, child abuse, rape, torture or the indiscriminate killing of innocents abroad by our own troops. It has to stop.

Dora Taylor