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Charter schools, the privatization of education & the Gulen schools in the US

Sharon Higgins, an education activist and a founding member of Parents Across America, has followed the Broad Foundation for several years and is editor of the Broad Report, as well as Charter School Scandals and the Perimeter Primate.

Two years ago she began to investigate the Gulen charter schools and to follow is an in-depth interview with Ms. Higgins on that topic:

3 comments on “Charter schools, the privatization of education & the Gulen schools in the US

  1. Longlive Democracy
    August 6, 2012

    Gulen movement is backed by US govenment to restructure midle east and other critical countiries close to Russia. Their presence in US is only to provide money to this cause and everyone knows that. Turkey – especially military wanted to get rid of him earlier and succeded but now he is camping on US soil.
    Today, Turkish high ranking military personel who was againts that clown and also the participation to Iraq war despite US request are all blamed with so called “Sledgehammer Coupe” case and sent to prison. Rumor is Gulen’s strings are kept by CIA and any federal government organisation – including FBI investigators -were asked to either ignore or freeze cases against him. Not sure what Seattle public do against that…

  2. James Boutin
    July 24, 2012

    I wonder how different the debate would play out if charter operators were more honest about their approach. Sharon mentions in the first two minutes how many lies are associated with charters – mostly about how they outperform public schools.

    How would the debate be different if they said: “Hey – we do better than traditional public schools occasionally, worse occasionally, and about the same mostly when you look at standardized test scores. We don’t accept the same kids as public schools, and we often like to drill and kill kids into submission.”

    Of course, we know why they don’t do this. I just think it would be interesting – because I’m sure there would still be a number of community members who would support that educational approach even if it were made explicit. That they lie about their nature only makes our public debate so much more convoluted – trying to figure out who on the other side is under the illusion that charters are something they’re not, and who is just fine with that educational approach.

  3. Professor Sik Teer
    July 22, 2012

    Seattle and Washington – They are coming to get you. The Gulen NGO Pacifica Institute and the West Turkic American Alliance have already wined and dined your politicians in preparation for the Charter school law passing. Search your state for Gulen politicians, know which ones went on a free junket to Turkey. Also local academia and media that are bribed.

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