I received this e-mail from a Parents Across America affiliate member in Portland. This is a very useful website for those who want to follow the money:

We have updated our Education Watch to make it more user-friendly and to
provide more information to users. We started the project to demonstrate
the connections between the extraordinarily wealthy, their foundations,
and so-called education reform organizations. The list is by no means
complete — we have hundreds more to add at the moment. Even though we
have much work to do, it is an evolving project, and we thought we
should share it now rather than wait until it is more complete.


We have included IRS 990’s of “reform” organizations linked to their
funders on our site. We thought it might be interesting to see where the
education dollars are going. For example, it seems that Dave Levin of
KIPP works more hours than there are in a week (maybe he is a Superman)
and collects a salary from several different organizations. While that
may not be criminal, it does seem to be unethical from a man who grades
his students on character traits.

One more thing. This year Teach for America (TFA) has modified their eligibility requirements to not exclude teachers, so we are encouraging licensed teachers to apply. I wouldn’t object to TFA if they placed licensed
teachers in classrooms who want to stay in the profession.

We are a small volunteer group at present, but we hope to grow now that
we feel we have something to offer. Please, if you are willing, share
widely with those who may find our work useful.

Deb Mayer

E.D. Great Schools for America
1030 SW Jefferson Street 229
Portland, Oregon 97201