Dr. Cornell West and Chris Hedges at Goldman Sachs Mock Trial and a Parent’s Stunning Testimony

Go into this at 17 minutes when a Department of Education employee and a parent starts talking about the privatization of our school systems, charter schools and the targeting of low-income and minority children, corporate greed, hedge fund managers and the Broad Foundation. Chris Hedges and Dr. West go further into the corporatization of our school system describing the dumbing down of the curriculum in our schools with the Common Core standards, standardized testing and staffing charter schools with temps rather than prepared, certified teachers.

The parent’s take on all of this is stunning.

Share this far and wide particularly with our PTA members who think they’re doing”poor children” a favor.

The education segment is 17:00 to 28:10.


After this Mock Trial, many went to Goldman Sachs to deliver the verdict. Most were arrested in front of the Goldman Sachs’ headquarters including Chris Hedges.


  1. This is where the real class warfare is being waged and who it is being waged against. Unionized workers, public employees, small business owners, and their children are being told that it is we who are the enemy It is “We” who are a drain on our economy. Its is “We” who should make more sacrifices for the common good. We are being demonized, and vilified by the right . The contributions we have made to our cities , states, and country are being discredited by the very people who have benefitted the most from our labor and the blood sweat and tears we have shed and the joy we have experienced as we worked to make America a better place to live. We never asked for more then we earned, unlike the Mad Men on Wall street . Now we are in the battle of our life times and it will take everything we have to win the hearts and minds of the people and demonstrate to the 1%ers that we are “Mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

  2. 22:30 to 24:00 … the marginalization of unions…. the Seattle Education Association did effectively nothing in response to conditional certificates for TFA corps members …. even worse was the SEA zero response to emergency substitute certificates for TFA corps members….

    While this currently involves less than 10 TFA corps members in Seattle …. it exposes the relationships between OSPI .. PESB .. the Seattle Foundation .. the SPS .. and TFA leaders =>

    Think about this definition:
    Conspiracy = noun ( pl. -cies)
    a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful

    We have a group that conspired to violate the provisions of WAC 181-79A-231 in regard to Conditional Certificates for TFA corps members and the SPS likely just decided to violate “Emergency Substitute Certification” requirements on their own …. and naturally OSPI certification rubber-stamped it.
    WAC 181-79A-231 =>

    1 (a) …….The professional educator standards board encourages in all cases the hiring of fully certificated individuals and understands that districts will employ individuals with conditional certificates only after careful review of all other options. …….

    4 Emergency substitute certification.

    (a) If the district or approved private school has exhausted or reasonably anticipates it will exhaust its list of qualified substitutes who are willing to serve as substitutes, the superintendent of public instruction may issue emergency substitute certificates to persons not fully qualified under subsection (2) of this section for use in a particular school district or approved private school once the list of otherwise qualified substitutes has been exhausted.

    Legal Action against School Board TFA action =>

    Background to legal action =>

    The SEA has provided ZERO funding for the above legal appeal.

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