Sharon Peaslee is running against the incumbent Peter Maier who was part of the gang of four that rubber stamped everything that our former Broad trained superintendent set in front of them and is receiving money from the same donor, Matt Griffin, who is also a backer of Teach for America, Inc.  And let us not forget that last week Peter Maier along with the other members of the gang of four who have also received money from donors who financially support Teach for America, Inc.  all voted again in unison to allow three TFA, Inc. recruits to teach in Seattle schools without certification.

In a recent e-mail, Sharon is asking for our support. The request is as follows:

Six Weeks To Go and I Need Your Help

My campaign gains momentum daily because so many Seattleites want better leadership on the Seattle School Board. If I’m elected I’ll work with other board members to:

– Fund from the classroom up. This isn’t what’s happening now, and it’s the only way to ensure our students have what they need to succeed.

– Keep class sizes reasonable and provide teachers with excellent curricula.

– Develop innovative programs that engage students all the way through high school and prepare them for their chosen futures.

– Give adequate support to students with special needs.

In the past two years Central Administration awarded itself 113 salary increases, ranging from 21% to 108%. During the same period they cut teachers, guidance counselors and instructional assistants to our most vulnerable students. This will never happen under my watch. But I need your help to get elected.

I need at least $15,000 to cover the costs of printed materials, yard signs and a billboard campaign that you and thousands of others will see very soon. This is a fraction of the funds my opponent has already spent. He raised $2,000 just last week.

I believe the voters are on my side, and I need enough money to reach as many as possible.

Please donate  whatever you can to support a campaign that will reset our priorities in the very best interest of our children.

$1,100 will pay for a whole billboard.

$550 will pay for half a billboard.

$100 will pay for 500 fliers.

$50 will pay for 10 yard signs.

Every amount helps!  


Hosting a house party – Putting up yard signs – Distributing fliers  – Making phone calls.   Click here to volunteer!


Thousands of concerned, voting parents swarm to football games every weekend.  These are the people we need to reach.  Grab a friend and stand outside the stadium during the hour before the game starts with one of my signs, and wave as people drive or walk into the game.  You can also give out fliers to people who are walking.  We’ll provide signs and fliers.

Click here for game schedules for the high schools and Memorial Stadium.

Please contact my campaign manager, Kathy Smith, for materials.  She is also coordinating dates and locations.


Sharon Peaslee

Candidate, Seattle School Board

District #1