Sharon Peaslee is running against Peter Maier for the District 1 seat.

Remember Peter Maier? The guy who said at the school board meeting when the board voted to fire our Broad-trained superintendent Dr. Goodloe-Johnson without cause that he had received the report on what later was known as Pottergate but chose to remain silent? The guy who rubber stamped everything that Goodloe-Johnson put before him?

Fortunately, a far better candidate threw her hat into the ring and with the support of all those who know that we need to turn around many ed reform policies that were so blithely approved by the gang of four, we will have someone who represents the rest of us rather than the moneyed few.

How can we help get Ms. Peaslee elected? As she states in her newsletter:

VOLUNTEER!  Even if you’ve never been involved in a campaign, there are plenty of things you can do!  It’s a great experience for families to do together as well.

 HOST A MEET & GREET FUNDRAISER!  Host your friends, neighbors, and carpool families and we’ll chat about my platform and changes you’d like to see and discuss. Click here to contact me.

 MAKE A DONATION!  My opponent has several high-end donors that make it tough to compete.  I’m counting on many, many donations to be able to get my name out and platform heard.  $10, $50, $100 – everything helps and will make  HUGE difference.

 COME TO AN EVENT! The Stranger is hosting a School Board Candidate Debate on 9/28 at 7:30pm.  I’d love to see you there!

 THANK YOU for your support.  If you belong to a group and would like to discuss your group’s issues with me, please contact me to arrange a meet and greet  either one-on-one or with your group!

Now is the time to take back our public schools.