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The Koch Brothers and Bill Gates, See Any Similarities?

You could just about replace the words “Koch brothers” with “Bill Gates” in this 11 minute film Why Do the Koch Brothers Want to End Public Education? in terms of what’s been happening in Seattle, a school board in lock-step with the former Broad-trained superintendent and a  Student Assignment Plan that brought us back to neighborhood schools and therefore the re-segregation of our schools. The lack of choice for minority students now nicely dovetails  into then providing the minority communities with what they think might be their only salvation, charter schools.

The Gates backed League of Education Voters will now be doing seminars in Tukwila and Tacoma  “educating” the rest of us on the wonders of charter schools. It’s interesting that LEV is circling Seattle with these seminars. I suppose that they want to start with what they see as easy pickins’ and save the battle for Seattle as the last item on their agenda before heading to Olympia during the next legislative session.

Check out this video and see if you see parallels between what has been happening in Seattle if you just replace the words “Koch Brothers” with “Bill Gates”.

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For additional information on what is happening in Wake County, see

The Koch Brothers And The Battle Over Integration In Wake County’s Schools

4 comments on “The Koch Brothers and Bill Gates, See Any Similarities?

  1. Karin Engstrom
    August 22, 2011

    An edit: We should NOT be asking to make profits off our children

  2. Karin Engstrom
    August 22, 2011

    This post encouraged me to re-schedule my calendar to attend the League of Education Voters’ forum on Tuesday, August 23rd in Tukwila promoting charter schools. Take their poll on charters:
    This was my comment:
    I do not believe in using tax dollars to privatize our schools. As it is, the development of curriculum and text books has become monopolized by a few companies. Use this money to support and sustain programs that are working within the public school systems. There are too many administrators and not enough teachers and support staff to build relationships with students. Learning to take a test is ludicrous. Learning to become a contributing member of the community should be our goal. We should be asking to make profits off our children.

  3. India Carlson
    August 18, 2011

    I am not surprised that outsiders would use existing prejudice in the south the push an agenda. I grew up in N.C. when schools were forced to end segregation. I remember my siblings not being able to go to school because of riots. The generation that has kids in school now would have also lived through that, and playing on that experience would not be all that hard. N.C. has come a long way since the 1970s but apparently not long enough that the tea party can’t rear its head and under the guise of “no more busing” impose segregation again. Diversity is a good thing and communities benefit from it. It was a good thing in my town in N.C and helped change race relations there. One of the things I dislike most about the Seattle NSAP is how much it impacts diversity. MGJ accomplished what Koch espouses under the guise of “economics” and “stability.” Quite awhile back someone predicted that MGJ’s mission was to break SPS to make way for charter schools and sadly it looks like that mission is working.

  4. David Fisher
    August 15, 2011

    Dora, i really appreciate these updates. Its good to have accurate intelligence on enemy operations. I have included a link to the Koch Bros and the families Nazi past, along with some other pertinent info on their business machinations. You can google up even more on the Web. This is just a small fraction of their frightening history.


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