It’s not enough to issue so many press releases that they could cover all of the airport bathroom walls from Seattle to Singapore, or is it Finland (?), now Gates needs to ensure that the press gets the story “right”.

The billionaire bullies are at it again, this time Gates and the Waltons, will have their eyes on the press in the form of the The Bull Pen more accurately described as the “bully pen”.

And what will they be doing?

• Calling it like we see it
• Holding the media
accountable (teachers aren’t enough now)
• Changing coverage of
education reform (in a bigger way)
• Driving smart
legislation (Smart?)

The remaining pages of this new media rag is all ed reform propaganda funded by Gates, the Walton Foundation, The Gleason Family Foundation and the Bradley Foundation and coordinated by the Center for Education Reform.

It seems more and more that the ed reformers are more concerned about the pitch to the rest of us than what the results are showing. Or maybe it is because the results are less than stellar, actually far less than stellar, that they feel the need to control the message.