A snowy day in Seattle

It’s been a quiet day around Seattle. With a few inches of snow, this town comes to a standstill.

I still don’t understand this phenomenon but won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Because of the quiet, I have some time today to go through e-mails with links to various articles that people have been sending our way.

Many thanks to all of you who send us the latest information. It keeps us busy and on our toes.

To follow are some articles that deserve more attention than a link in the right hand column. Maybe you will have some time today to read a few.


“The profound disdain for public education is evident not only in Obama’s test-driven, privatized and charter school reform movement, but also in the hostile takeover of public education now taking place among the ultra-rich and hedge fund zombies, who get massive tax breaks from gaining control of charter schools.”

A quote from a truthout op-ed written by Henry Giroux.


Lessons to Be Learned From Paulo Freire as Education Is Being Taken Over by the Mega Rich

And below is a link to a paper regarding the Gates’ Foundation and their influence in our country. An interesting read. It’s sad to think that so much money has been spent by the Gates Foundation thinking that what they are doing is the right thing and yet it is turning out to be so wrong for our children.

If only they had started with the appropriate “experts”, educators, students and parents. Unfortunately, we have been left out of the picture entirely and in the process what is occurring is chaos and uncertainty within our public school systems.

The Gates’ Foundation and the Future of U.S. Public Education: A Call
for Scholars to Counter Misinformation Campaigns

One last document that is a must read is the analysis provided in a Catalyst In Depth report on Arne Duncan’s Renaissance 2010 plan for Chicago, success or failure?