Seattle 2010 Recall is not associated with this blog. We are following this recall with great interest because the members who are being recalled have rubber stamped everything that our superintendent, Dr. Goodloe-Johnson has sent their way. It’s been a fairly mindless exercise for them. There were times when they should have more carefully considered her edicts but they didn’t.

Many of us feel that the amount of interaction that these board members had with Broad Foundation representatives at school board retreats and through interaction with Broad residents who are working within Dr. Goodloe-Johnson’s administration has influenced their decision-making.

Also, the school board president, Michael DeBell, is on the Alliance for Education Board of Directors. The Alliance for Education receives the majority of its’ money from the Gates Foundation.

We want board members who represent us, not the Broad Foundation or the Gates Foundation. See Lines Of Influence of Education Reform for the larger picture.

Below is a release of information that I received this morning:


Seattle School Board Recall Update on August 25

This includes:

“The district has indicated that it intends to file a request to “intervene” in this case.”

This district action seems to be awfully close to a conflict of interest.

This seems typical of the complete lack of accountability to the public that is a hallmark of the Goodloe-Johnson administration. The District is using District resources to individually assist “Five” school directors in resisting a “Recall Attempt”, which is based entirely upon the State Auditor’s Reports.

How much money are members of the public expected to spend to hold “five” School Board Members accountable for failure to do their jobs?