Seattle Education

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Your Legislators

Washington State House Education Committee
Sorted by District
Rep. Bob McCaslin
District 4
Rep. Chad Magendanz
District 5
Rep. Brad Klippert
District 8
Rep. Susan Fagan
District 9
Rep. Dave Hayes
District 10
Rep. Steve Bergquist
District 11
Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self
District 21
Rep. Chris Reykdal
District 22
Rep. Sam Hunt
District 22
Rep. Melanie Stambaugh
District 25
Rep. Michelle Caldier
District 26
Rep. Dick Muri
District 28
Rep. Christine Kilduff
District 28
Rep. Carol Gregory
District 30
Rep. Tina Orwall
District 33
Rep. Dan Griffey
District 35
Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos
District 37
Rep. Kristine Lytton
District 40
Rep. Larry Springer
District 45
Rep. Gerry Pollet
District 46
Rep. Mark Hargrove
District 47

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