What are some frequently asked questions about university education at Seattle Pacific University?

What are some frequently asked questions about university education at Seattle Pacific University?

How was Seattle Pacific University founded?

Seattle Pacific University (SPU) is a private Christian university founded in 1891 by the Free Methodist Church of North America.

It is located in Seattle, Washington state, about 4 kilometers north of downtown. The city is surrounded by water and mountains, and images of bridges, ferries, and snow-capped peaks are a familiar part of everyday life here.

Seattle Pacific University currently enrolls approximately 3,601 students annually, including 2,702 undergraduates, and guarantees housing for 1,779 students, most of whom live in off-campus housing.

The 43-acre campus is located on the northern slopes of the Queen Anne Hills, just 10 minutes from downtown Seattle. SPU also owns and operates a wilderness area and field site on Blakely Island, and a beachfront campus on Whidbey Island.

The school is committed to its mission of cultural interconnection and changing the world by educating talented and charismatic people to become wise men in an ideal society.

Reasons why international students should choose to study at Seattle Pacific University, USA

Impressive arrangement:

  • Ranked 17th at the level of Western universities with the best training quality
  • Ranked 15th in the Best Veterans Schools
  • Ranked 68th for engineering programs at the bachelor’s level
  • Ranked 98th in Universities with Best Industry Programs
  • Ranked 132 in research
  • Ranked 183 in Master’s Training in Clinical Psychology
  • Ranked 192 in national universities
  • Ranked 299 in universities with the best business programs
  • The only private university in the Pacific Northwest to be named “Best National University 2019” by U.S News and World Report.
  • The only university in Washington state to be ranked in the 2017 Washington College Guide Monthly, a ranking that rates schools based on criteria such as support for disadvantaged students, scholarships, and commitment to service.
  • Award for “Best Undergraduate College of Engineering” and “Best Graduate School in General and Clinical Psychology” – United States. News & World Report (2018)
  • One of America’s Best Colleges – Forbes (2018) Fine Arts
  • Student to faculty ratio 13:1, accredited by AACSB and ABET.

Prime Location

The city of Seattle is the area’s economic, cultural, and educational center. Ranked as the most educated city in the United States in 69 major cities in the Americas (2005, 2006). 

The city is also the city with the highest quality of education in the United States with 52.5% of the population 25 years and over holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Academic CalendarQuarter
Overall Acceptance Rate92%
Early Action Acceptance RateEA not offered
Early Decision Acceptance RateED not offered
Applicants Submitting SAT scores80%
Average GPA3.6
Applicants Submitting SAT scores80%
Average First-Year Financial Aid Package$35,578
Percent of Need Met78%

            2021 Seattle Pacific University Facts At-A-Glance

Is Seattle Pacific University a good school?

Different people have different opinions about what constitutes a “good” school.

Admission criteria, acceptance rate, and GPA are good indicators of how selective an institution is, but they don’t say much about the quality of the education or the student’s experience.

There are some statistics that can give you a good idea of how satisfied students are and how well supported the school is.

Let’s take a closer look to get a better idea of what Seattle Pacific University has to offer and whether it is a good choice for you.

What is the acceptance rate of Seattle Pacific University in 2022?

It is very difficult to get into Seattle Pacific University. Approximately 92% of applicants are accepted into Seattle Pacific University each year. Last year, 3,923 students applied to Seattle Pacific University and 3,565 students were admitted.

What percentage of students will graduate from Seattle Pacific University in 2021?

Retention is the number of students who continue to attend school over time. This is one way to see how satisfied students are with their school experience and whether they have the support they need to succeed in college.

Approximately 77% of students who begin their studies at Seattle Pacific University return the following year. Nearly 65% ​​of students who begin their studies at Seattle Pacific University earn a bachelor’s degree within six years.

Compare this to the average six-year graduation rate for colleges and universities in the United States, which is about 61% for public schools and 67% for private schools.

What are the job opportunities while studying at Seattle Pacific University?

Thirteen of the 500 high-value companies are in Seattle such as Google, Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft, and Tableau Software

81% of SPU students completed an internship, and 93% recognized the experiences they gained that helped them land their first job after graduation.

Seattle is the fastest growing tech hub in the US, overtaking Silicon Valley in total tech jobs reported in 2016 and 2017.

The rate of students getting a job is 98% within 1 year of graduation with an average salary in the first 5 years after graduation of $82,900

The school offers a wide range of majors, including: Faculties of Arts and Sciences (Humanities, Fine Arts, Sciences and Engineering, Social Behavioral Sciences), Faculties of Business and Economics, Psychology, Health Sciences, Theology, Education, Family and Society. The school currently has a total of 42 majors, which makes it easy for students to choose their preferred major.

The school currently has around 4,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs, from 35 countries.

What are the training occupations at Seattle Pacific University?

AccountantChristian theologyClassic
Design clothesCoaching ScienceExercise Science
TextileThe mediaFood Science and Nutrition
Applied MathematicsComputer scienceUrban and global
artEconomyGlobal research and development
Art historyEducationPhysical education and health
BiochemicalMechanical engineerHistory
BiologicalEnglishInformation system
Business administrationSkillInterior design
ChemistryPrimary educationNewspapers
MusicPhysicsThe law
Spanish StudiesYouth MinistryPsychology
artPolitical ScienceSociology
TheatreFrench and French Studies 

What is the tuition for Seattle Pacific University?


  • Lecture: $36,100/year
  • Accommodation fee: 14,404 dollars
  • Annual Technology and Student Activity Fee: $556
  • Other Fees: $4,887 (includes books, personal fees, loan fees, and travel fees)


  • Lecture*: $15,895 (excluding Clinical Psychology)
  • Accommodation fee: $13,424
  • Other fees: $4,689 (includes books, personal fees, loan fees, and travel fees)
  • *Based on an average of 9 credits/semester ($718/credit)

Clinical Psychology – Clinical Psychology

  • Lecture*: $25,273
  • Accommodation fee: $13604
  • Other Fees: $4,699 (includes books, personal fees, loan fees, and travel fees)
  • *Calculated with an average number of credits/semester of 12 ($896/credit hour)

Is Seattle Pacific quarter or semester?

  • Autumn: 9
  • Winter term: 3
  • Spring: 1

Is there a financial aid program at Seattle Pacific University?

Cost is another important factor when choosing a university. Some colleges may charge high tuition fees, but they do a better job of meeting students’ financial needs.

Seattle Pacific University meets 77% of undergraduate students’ proven financial needs. First-year students enrolled full-time at Seattle Pacific University receive an average of $35,578 annually in financial aid.

Students in 2021 receive graduate student loans with an average debt of $28,892. For context, compare this to the average national debt, which is about $36,000 per borrower.

FAFSA 2022-2023 OPEN OCTOBER 1, 2021

Some aid is offered on a first-come-first-served basis, so fill out the FAFSA early. Visit the FAFSA website to apply for student assistance.

Remember that the first F in the FAFSA is free! No one has to pay to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), so be extremely wary of anyone asking you for money.

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