Legislative Update and Action

The legislative session in the state of Washington lasts for about two months of the year. There is a flurry of activity during that brief time and then the legislators go home. I’m getting used to it, sort of. That’s why recent posts have been about bills that are under review by our state House and Senate. The bills are assembled, either heard or not by the appropriate committees and then the decision is made to either send it on to the Ways and Means Committee for a cost estimate or drop the proposed bill. If it is sent to … Continue reading Legislative Update and Action

No! to Senate Bill 5399: It’s Not Fair to Our Students or Our Teachers

Senate Bill 5399 proposes that when there are teacher layoffs, referred to as rif’s (reductions in force), that teachers should be laid off, fired basically, based on the performance of their students. This proposed bill is unnecessary and destructive. There is already a four-tiered teacher evaluation system in place that the teacher’s union in Seattle, the Seattle Education Association (SEA) as part of WEA, the Washington Education Association, the superintendent of our schools in Seattle, Dr. Goodloe-Johnson and Randy Dorn, the superintendent of education for the State of Washington, have agreed to. This system is going through a two-year pilot … Continue reading No! to Senate Bill 5399: It’s Not Fair to Our Students or Our Teachers