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Highline School District

From the Seattle Times:

Highline schools try to fix crumbling infrastructure

If it isn’t cracks in the walls or brown water damage permanently caked on ceiling tiles that frustrates teacher Rodney Olsen, it’s the windowless classroom that used to be closet that gets him the most.

“Basically it’s a box that kids are sitting in,” he said.

This is life in the Highline School District and Des Moines Elementary School.
A slew of pictures from the district show other pressing problems at Highline High School, with cracks in the floors, potholes dotting the parking lot and crumbles along the ceiling.
So the district has been pushing for a second bond and levy measure combination since November.
The first round failed by a few hundred votes. If approved, the measures will increase property taxes by a little over ten percent, it will replace Highline High and create a new school for students at Des Moines.
Olsen said the time for change is now. It is too long to wait.
“Something’s going to happen. It’s just too old,” he said.

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