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Seattle University Jobs: Employment Opportunities & Professional Development

Seattle University is a well-known university in Seattle, Washington. As regional centers of learning, it provides its pupils with an excellent educational experience. For students coming from other institutions, it also provides transfer options. A range of employment possibilities are offered by Seattle University Jobs available for both fresh and seasoned workers.

About Seattle University

seattle university college of education

Founded in 1891, Seattle University is a Jesuit Catholic university located on a beautiful 50-acre campus in the dynamic heart of Seattle. Our diverse and oriented population includes more than 7,200 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs in eight schools and colleges. Seattle University jobs for students is an equal options employer.

The university is devoted to building a diverse community of students and staff who are committed to the core principles of advantages in order to support the pursuit of academic and educator success. equal treatment in employment and education regardless of age, race, religion, national origin, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, sex, or veteran status.

The university invites recommendations and submissions from people with a range of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds because this will increase the diversity of our academic community.

Visit www.seattleu.edu/coe  for more details about Seattle University.

Seattle University Jobs – Equal Opportunities For Students

seattle-university-jobs equal opportunities for students

Seattle University is hiring to support their academic and research needs. These include faculty expansion, curriculum development, research projects and technical courses for professionals in the field. These are mostly full time roles with some part-time options available for free.

Besides, transfers from other colleges and universities find plenty of work at Seattle College. There are many jobs available to help pupils successfully transition into college life. These include maintenance, clerical, marketing, business development, public relations and more. That being said, there are some requirements for transfer job options. You need to have a minimum GPA and be currently enrolled in a degree curriculum at the university. If you meet both requirements, you can expect a successful career ahead!

Jobs with Seattle University, College of Education

Jobseekers in Seattle are spoiled for choice. You need stellar credentials from a variety of reputable colleges and universities first. Then, you need to be enrolled full-time in a degree program at the University. If you have the right education and training, you can find work in either field. Those who have earned degrees in education can also find numerous opportunities at colleges and universities. Check out the jobs we recommend in Seattle down below.

On-site Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program

on site clinical mental health counseling program

CACREP-accredited on-site clinical mental health counseling program in the Department of Leadership and Professional Studies in the College of Education at Seattle is looking for justice-centered mentoring educators , who are committed to promoting issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the community. Counseling career starting September 2023.

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program is seeking the following positions: two open-ranked tenure follow-up (TT) roles with program leadership options. The counseling program at the College of Education has three programs: (1) face-to-face CMHC, (2) online CMHC, and (3) school counseling. Each scheme focuses on preparing emerging mentors to become agents of a societal shift and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

  • Minimum Requirements

A PhD in Educational Counseling from a CACREP-accredited program. Show commitment to social justice. Actively engaged in the consulting profession. Experience teaching and supervising graduate counseling pupils. Candidates for tenure track positions should demonstrate commitment or potential to develop a fellowship system.

  • Start Date: Mid-year and/or September 2023
  • Priorities: Actively engaged in justice-centered teaching, scholarship, and service.
  • Wage: Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Assistant Professor, Master in Teaching/Teacher Education Program (Tenure-track)

assistant-professor-master in teaching teacher education program

The K-12 Department of Teaching, Learning, and Social Justice in the College of Education (COE) at the university is seeking applications for a tenure-tracking assistant professor to participate in the College of Education program. Teacher Education/Master of Teaching (MIT) starting April 2023.

  • Minimum Requirements

A PhD in curriculum research or a related field. Teaching experience in the K-12 classroom. The ability to work and teach collaboratively in group settings. Demonstrate a commitment to inclusion, multiculturalism, social justice, and culturally responsive and sustainable pedagogies. Evidence of work experience complements university’s mission to educate the whole person and prepare leaders for a just and humane world.

  • Preferred

PhD degree in curriculum & instruction or a related field. Experience in preparing educators for culturally and linguistically responsive instruction in K-12 settings. Teaching experience in both elementary and secondary P-12 classroom settings.

Experienced in preparing teacher candidates for initial teacher certification in Washington State and teaching high school literacy and general methods courses in college teacher preparation programs /After university. Demonstrate knowledge of current literature and trends. Experience using technology in educational settings, including online teaching. Experience, knowledge, and understanding of scheme assessment and curriculum development.

  • Wage: Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Provisional Exam Superintendent

Follow up the exam sessions during the Law exam period of the School. Set up rooms, distribute exam materials, explain exam instructions to pupils, notify, monitor the room during exam time, observe and record any unusual or suspicious behavior, collect and explain all exam materials. Additional services, including reading test questions, may be provided to students with disabilities. When there is no proctor, provide general office support to the Exam Office.

  • Minimum Requirements

Excellent verbal communication skills. Can present instructions and follow procedures exactly as instructed. Ability to recognize and serve each pupil’s needs. Test packages can be distributed in a crowded classroom while adjusting steps, chairs, and tables.

  • Preferred qualification

Experience in a higher education setting as a faculty member, staff member or pupils.

  • Salary: 17 dollars an hour

Seattle University has provided a remuneration range that represents its good faith estimate of what the University may pay for the position at the time of posting. The salary paid to the selected candidate will be determined based on factors such as the qualifications of the selected candidate, the department’s budget capabilities, internal salary equity considerations, and available market information, and not based on the applicant’s gender or any other protected status.

Temporary staff colleagues paid under the university pay system are not eligible to receive all of university’s health and welfare benefits. However, they can participate in welfare benefits https://www.seattleu.edu/hr/well-being-resources/ . In addition, temporary employee colleagues are eligible to apply and transfer a percentage of their paychecks into individual retirement accounts with Fidelity Investments.

All things considered, Seattle University is an excellent place to further your education and professional goals! It is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All positions here require a criminal background check.

Update job vacancies here: https://seattleu.csod.com/ats/careersite/search.aspx

Information Support Center

Seattle University 
901 12th Avenue, P.O. Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122-1090

For general inquiries, contact SU via email by using the email form.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and visit our domain site at seattleducation.com to learn more about Seattle. Thank you for reading!


Recruitment forecast is positive! The current opening of businesses, the need for new hires and an increase in vaccination rates have increased employees and internship options. There are thousands of active job vacancies/internships exclusively for Seattle U pupils and alumni in Handshake at any given time. Many employers are expected to attend the virtual career fairs we have scheduled throughout the year. Visit the Events page on Handshake for details on how to register and attend upcoming recruiting events.

Professional training at Seattle University takes place in many ways. In addition to an internship, you can gain experience through volunteering, part-time work on and off college, side jobs, and even hobbies.

Employers want communication (especially important right now), digital technology (including a variety of remote working platforms), adaptability, and work-to-work principles. remote work.

Correct. Please contact your immigration advisor at ISC to schedule an appointment and we will assist you with your application.

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