Seattle University Graduate Scholarships For Graduate Students

Seattle University Graduate Scholarships For Graduate Students  

Are you a graduate student looking for financial support to pursue your studies? You can find details about Seattle University graduate scholarships for graduate students, tuition subsidies, fellowships, grants, and more through our article below. Read on to learn more about the available scholarships and how to apply.

About Seattle University Graduate Scholarships

Seattle University offers a limited number of scholarships to graduate students. These scholarships are given to students who can add to Seattle University’s educational community. Renewal of a scholarship depends on the specifics of the scholarship, good academic progress, and, in some cases, continued need.

All grants and scholarships are financial resources and must be coordinated with other types of financial aid. Any scholarships received by students that do not show up on their award letters must be reported to the Student Financial Services Office. In order for an outside scholarship to be automatically included in subsequent award years, students must also inform the Student Financial Services Office if it is renewable.

General Scholarships For Seattle U Graduate Students

The Sinegal Fellowship

The Sinegal Fellowship gives assistance to underrepresented minority Costco Scholars who have completed their undergraduate studies at either the University of Washington or Seattle University and are presently enrolled in SU’s graduate programs. The Sinegal Fellowship is a two-year grant with a $5,000 stipend per year.

Catholic School Special Tuition Grant

This grant is available to full-time religious and lay teachers and principals of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Seattle who qualify. Masters of Teaching (MIT) and Doctor of Education (EdD) students are not eligible.

The grant cannot be used to pay for MIT or EdD credits. For eligible graduate education courses, grants cover half of the regular tuition; the remaining costs are covered by the student.

Outside Scholarships

Scholarships from outside sources are ones that students bring to Seattle University. In order to be counted among the resources available to cover costs, students must let Student Financial Services know if they are receiving any outside scholarships. On the Seattle University Award Letter, these scholarships are then listed as Private Outside Scholarships.

SU College And Departmental Scholarships 

Several graduate departments give scholarships for their specific programs. Most scholarships have a limited number of awards; some may be based on need, and others could be renewed. 

Applicants who are interested should look at their university or college’s website and contact individual departments for information on departmental grants and scholarships.

AmeriCorps/Peace Corps Alumni Scholarship

Students who have been accepted into a graduate degree program at Seattle University and who are qualified for the AmeriCorps/Peace Corps Alumni Scholarship are urged to apply. The scholarship gives recipients a total award of $3,000 toward fee, which is dispersed over the first two years of the student’s academic program.

Applicants who are eligible must have successfully finished (or will have successfully finished) a term of service with AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps by the time they start their graduate program and be accepted into a degree program other than law. Each year, seven new scholarships are given out.

To apply, you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Complete the online AmeriCorps/PeaceCorps Alumni Scholarship Application
  2. Include the Certification of Service letter with your AmeriCorps/Peace Corps Alumni Scholarship Application.
  3. If you’re still serving, upload a letter from your supervisor to the AmeriCorps/Peace Corps Alumni Scholarship Application.

The AmeriCorps/Peace Corps Alumni Scholarship is open to program acceptees. Scholarship applications submitted before April 30 are prioritized. After April 30, Seattle University will notify candidates of scholarship decisions based on funds remaining. AmeriCorps/Peace Corps Alumni Scholarship Awards Committee meets annually in May.

Alumni of AmeriCorps who fill out an application for any graduate program at Seattle University can ask to have their application fee waived. For the fee waiver, applicants should write “AmeriCorps alum” in the “Fee Payment” section of their online application.

Albers Graduate Scholarships

Current graduate students in the PMBA, MBA SEM, MSF, MPAC, MSAA, and MSBA programs are qualified for a number of Albers scholarships. Academic excellence and financial need are taken into account when awarding scholarships.

Eligibility requirements

Domestic students should submit a FAFSA via the university’s Financial Aid Office to be considered for these scholarships. To determine eligibility for several of the university’s available scholarships, the FAFSA is required. The Albers Grad Scholarships are also encouraged to be applied for by international students. The FAFSA is not necessary for students from abroad.

Application process

Complete the Scholarship Application

  1. Describe your financial need and how an Albers scholarship would benefit your graduate studies in a brief manner (Please limit your essay to a maximum of 250 words).
  2. Please describe any additional scholarship funding you will receive for the upcoming academic year as well as any contributions or support from your employer.
  3. Think about how Seattle University’s Jesuit ethos relates to your leadership, skill, conscience, and compassion. What occasion or circumstance allowed you to put these values into practice? (Please limit your essay to a maximum of 250 words).
  4. One scholarship has a non-binding requirement that the organization chooses a candidate who is intelligent and accomplished, has a need for money, and is humorous. Please answer the following question if you would like to be considered for this scholarship.

Give a brief example of a time when you handled a professional situation by making humor or using your people skills (Please keep your essay to no more than 250 words).

The list below is some Albers graduate scholarships available:

  • Albers Alumni Scholarship
  • Albers Graduate Students Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Albert & Claire Wiegenstein Scholarship
  • Anne and Stephen Norman Scholarship
  • Boeing Scholarship

Dean’s Scholarship For SU Graduate Students

The Dean’s Scholarship offers financial assistance to new, deserving Seattle University students beginning a graduate-level program. Students must be incoming freshmen who are not currently enrolled at Seattle University, enroll in a full-time program (6+ credits/quarter), and meet the other requirements to be eligible for an award.

The College of Science and Engineering gives two types of awards: selected merit awards rely on a comprehensive review of an applicant’s application, and guaranteed merit awards are based on an applicant’s GPA.

Guaranteed Merit Awards

A minimum $2,400 scholarship will be given to all candidates to graduate-level degree programs who have a 3.50 or higher GPA as determined by Seattle University over the course of three quarters. This award will be given along with an offer letter and its value may change depending on the program and each applicant’s application.

Selected Merit Awards:

All applicants will be judged on a case-by-case basis for awards. Even if a student’s GPA is lower than 3.50, they may still be eligible for a scholarship based on other things in their application.

Students are automatically considered for scholarships based on their application materials; there is no separate scholarship application process. International applicants can apply for awards.

In short, Seattle University’s graduate scholarships provide the means for ambitious students to make their educational dreams come true. These generous grants give the chance to fund studies and allow for the more affordable pursuit of academic goals. With these scholarships, the opportunity for success is within reach!

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New international students can get academic scholarships from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. These scholarships are open to both first-year and transfer students.

A full-ride scholarship for graduate university typically covers tuition, required fees, and a monthly sum. However, they are frequently fiercely competitive. They might not be simple to receive. In light of that, you ought to look for alternative forms of financial aid.

Though graduate programs may provide scholarships tailored to each individual program that is attainable through the admissions process, these chances are extraordinarily rare.

Since graduate and professional students are regarded as independent students for the FAFSA® application process, you won’t need to include parent information when submitting your FAFSA form to request financial support for graduate university. Your Student Aid Report (SAR) should arrive three days to three weeks after you submit the FAFSA form.

It is not usually available to students from abroad applying to graduate programs. Rather, applicants have to find a sponsor who will help them financially. Applicants have to turn in a Declaration of Finances form.

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