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Seattle Colleges Employment Human Resources, Salary Schedule & Benefits 

Seattle Colleges Employment provides facts about human resources including job opportunities, policies, employees benefits and salary for students and staff. 

Seattle Colleges Employment Human Resources

employment at seattle colleges

Seattle Colleges consist of three colleges, a district office, and five specialty centers. 

This educational institute provides education to around 45,000 international students with over 130 programs ranging from science, technology to engineering. 

The laborers can get access to related services through this channel. 

This department aims to give workers the data they require to uphold a secure learning environment while developing their professional capabilities.

The goal of this department is to provide quality service in areas such as recruitment and selection, development and training opportunities, benefits programs, workplace safety initiatives, to name but a few.

Jobs At Seattle Colleges

The personnel works closely with each college’s faculty members to ensure that career postings are appropriately advertised in the course of identifying an appropriate Seattle Colleges employee.

There is an array of opportunities, ranging from full-time or part-time, a career change to just starting out. There are teaching and administrative roles such as counselors, advisors and advisors assistants. 

Students can work as a tutor, library assistants, and join student clubs and organizations on campus. All students must meet academic requirements in order to be eligible to work-study.

This institute also accepts internships to help interns gain valuable experience.

Seattle Colleges Salary Schedule  

Seattle Colleges Salary Schedule provides information about the different salary ranges, including base pay, cost of living adjustments, annual raises, and other benefits. It is designed to provide equitable compensation for laborers based on their professional qualifications and experience. 

The schedule outlines the minimum salary a particular position should receive in order to be considered competitive with other universities in the area. It also sets a maximum salary cap which will help ensure fiscal responsibility within the college system.

This Salary Schedule is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it remains current with local wages and market trends. 

Salary Facts And Figures 

In general, approximately $39,485 per year for a custodian and $99,164 for a dean are the typical salaries at Seattle Colleges.

The highest salary in 2021 was $257,800. The median yearly pay was $20,900, while the average was $30,171. Average and median salaries are both 36% and 52% less than those in the USA, respectively.


In addition to competitive salaries and generous time off, employees also have access to a wide range of benefits that provide financial aid, promote personal development, and address health care needs. 

Hospitalizations, mental health therapies, prescription medications, eye care, and other services are all covered under the college’s all-inclusive medical coverage. There is no restriction on pre-existing conditions or medical history for those who are eligible for full coverage. 

To assist members further in their educational aspirations or improving their professional abilities, the institution also offers tuition reimbursement. They can find their information through Seattle Colleges CtcLink or email. 

Policies And Code Of Conduct

The system is dedicated to giving its workers a working environment that enables them to realize their potential. 

The academy has created a set of regulations and norms for all to adhere to. They have guidance on workplace safety, performance standards, and disciplinary measures.

Seattle Colleges Employees must follow the rules outlined in the code of conduct and treat one another with professionalism and respect. This entails avoiding behaviors that can be seen as rude or unprofessional.

Additionally, it is crucial for members to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity while speaking on behalf of the organization both within and outside of the office.

Contact Details

A dedicated team is available to provide contact details and assistance. Those interested can connect via phone, email, or postal address:

All occupation postings are regularly updated on the news section and social media so applicants can stay informed about employment opportunities.

Those who are interested can read more by searching online for resources, getting in touch with the colleges, or visiting our domain website at seattleducation. Thank you for reading!


The wage you require in Seattle is $5,300 per month or $63,600 per year. This sum enables a renter to live comfortably and afford to pay the $1,590 median monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment.

One can earn $74,895 as of December 2022 in Seattle.

No, unless otherwise authorized, workers must remain in “no-pay” status during the furlough day.

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