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Sears Credit Card Login Portal, Make Bill Payment: Mastercard

Sears credit card login page to your online account is the primary purpose of this article. You can manage your account, make payments to your mastercard easily on Citibank retail website.

About Sears cards

As a large nationwide retailer, Sears offers items such as appliances, tools, clothing, shoes, home furnishings and more. In fact, Sears offers a way to help fund those purchases: a Sears credit or a Shop Your Way Mastercard – both issued by Citibank.

Using these cards to earn rewards and benefits such as 5% off select purchase or 12 months of interest-free financing on select items of $299 or more, or earn 1% to 5% in points for eligible purchase.

To enjoy the benefits of your card rewards, you must keep your account up to date by using one of the available payment options. Here’s everything you need to know.

Sears Mastercard Login

Sears Sign In Requirements

  • Citi Sears log-in web address.
  • You must have a valid Sears login user ID and password.
  • Web browser.
  • PC or laptop or smartphone or tablet with reliable internet access.

Please follow the simple steps below for the step guide:

Step 1: Access To Sear Citi Card

Go to the official Sears sign-up page at Citi You will immediately see the log-in field.

Step 2: Providing Your Credentials

Please enter your user ID and password in the blank field provided. Tick on ‘Remember My User ID’ to save your information in future sign on.

Step 3: Completed Process

After that, please click the LOGIN button to approach your account. And that finishes the log-in process.

Sears Mastercard Login

Sears Credit Card Login Via Mobile App

  1. To log in to your Sears credit card account, first download the Sears mobile app on your Apple or Android devices
  2. The login screen is displayed. Enter your user-ID and password to access your Sears online account.
  3. Click Sign In to access your account.

Reset your account user ID and Password

reset Sears credit password

  1. Visit the official Citi Sears website as link above
  2. Click the Reset Password link
  3. Please enter your RegisID-IN name as it appears on your card panel Information: If you have a Virtual Card, this is the name that will appear on your bank statement.
  4. Please enter the last 4 digits of the main cardholder’s social security number (SSN)
  5. Please enter a valid 10-digit phone number.
  6. After that, please click on the Confirm button and follow the instructions to reset Sears credit password.
reset Sears credit password

Retrieve user ID

  1. Stay at your sign-in page
  2. Click on the “Retrieve User ID” link as shown above
  3. Enter the card number in the input field, the name as it appears on the map, the last 4 digits of the main cardholder’s SSN, a valid 10-digit phone number.
  4. After that, please click on the Verify button and follow the instructions
Retrieve user ID

Sign Up For Your Sears Credit Card Account Online

Accessing your online account gives you many useful tools for managing your Sears Card. Access an online account is free, but you must register your card before using the service.

  1. To register your card, visit the sign-in page, click Register My Card which is at the bottom of the tab
  2. Enter your account number.
  3. After entering your account number, you will be asked for the primary cardholder’s SSN, the person’s date of birth, and the zip code of the billing address.
  4. You can also enter an email address to receive notifications about your account and other information. However, this is entirely optional. Once you’ve cleared the information screen, it’s now time to create your account online.
  5. The first step is to enter a user ID and your password to ensure you can log in to your account next time.
  6. You will then be asked two security questions to ensure that only you have access to your account.
  7. Then you need to enter two additional details about your account. If you click on “Next”, the registration will be completed.
Sign Up For Your Sears Credit Card Account Online

Once you have registered with your account number and other personal information, you can log in using the username and password you created.

  • Once you are logged in you can check your account balance.
  • You can also look up recent transactions and bank statements, which can be organized by date or amount.
  • If you’re looking for access to old accounts, request the PDFs from the web and have them delivered to your account’s online message folder. This is an excellent option for those who cannot find the old statements on their account.
  • You can also pay online, see your payment history and get more information about financing and interest.

Make A Sears Credit Card Payment

The Citi bank offered various payment option for Sears card holders. Have a look on these Sears consumer payments.

Make A Sears Credit Card Payment

Make A Payment Online

You can submit your payment through the online portal. First you need to register a Sears online account. To do this:

  1. Go to the log-in page.
  2. Click on the “Register your card” link under the “Sign up” button.
  3. Enter your card number and select “Continue” to set up a user ID and password.

If you don’t know your card number, you can verify your identity by clicking “I don’t have my card handy” and entering your name, SSN and phone number. Choose whether you want to receive a call or an SMS, accept the terms and conditions and click “Send code” to continue registering your account.

Once your registration is complete, you can log in to the login page to process your online payment. Please have your checking account details and bank route number ready to complete the transaction.

Payment By Phone

You can pay for your bills 24/7. Sears Card customers can call the Sears Services toll-free number at 800-917-7700 and follow the instructions to make payments. You can also choose to have a customer service representative assist.

Assistance is also available to customers with other Sears cards, including the following:

Sears card for credit: 800-669-8488

Shop your way Mastercard: 877-816-9063

Payment Via The Mail

Paying bills by mail is also an option At Sears. Regular mail and expedited payment addresses Sears consumer are available. Send your payment slip and a check or money order to the correct address:

Sears Consumer Payments P.O. Box 9001055 Louisville, KY 40290-1055

  • PO Box 70604
  • Philadelphia, PA 19176-0604
  • Sears Consumer Express Payments

Attn: Consumer Payment Dept.

  • 6716 Grade Lane
  • Building 9, Suite 910
  • Louisville, KY 40213

If you opt to receive legal notices and statements electronically but later request a paper copy, please contact them at the number on the back of the card.

How To Make A Payment In Person

You can also make a payment at any Sears location, which is helpful if you live in the area or plan to shop there. For the fastest service, take your statement with you to the store.

Pay Your Bill On Time

It is important to avoid late fees and negative credit reports. If you bill in full within the grace period, you can avoid interest charges on your purchase. The grace period is a minimum of 25 days.

If you do not pay at least the minimum due by the due date, you will be charged a $25 late fee. In addition, more than one late payment in six consecutive billing cycles will result in a $35 fee.

Sears Credit Card Customer Service

Call the Customer Service at 1-800-815-7701.

  • Phone number: 1-800-437-3277.
  • Payment Address: Sears Card Payments, P.O. PO Box 9001055, Louisville, KY 40290-1055.
  • Sears Customer Hours: Monday through Sunday, 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. CST.

In addition, you can also meet Live Sears representatives by dialing 1-800-732-7747. They are available Monday through Sunday from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. CST.

Technical trouble

  • Shop Your Way Mastercard®: 1-877-254-8073
  • Sears Card®, Sears Mastercard® and Sears Mastercard® with ThankYou® Rewards: 1-800-815-7701
  • Sears Home Improvement® and SearsCharge PLUS®: 1-800-669-8488

Benefits Of Having A Sears Card

Benefits Of Having A Sears Card

In addition to offering traditional credit in-store, Sears has partnered with Citigroup Inc.’s Citibank to offer its customers a range of wide-ranging “Shop Your Way” payments that come with rewards and perks programs. When used at Sears stores, these cards allow users to redeem point they earn from regular expenses such as groceries and gas. Here are some benefits:

  • Shop Your Way point can be redeemed for purchase ranging from smaller items like home appliances delivered by Sears and Kmart in stores, online and on, to larger items like everyday home goods. In addition, in-store promotions can be combined with these rewards point.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • Special financing offers are available from Sears and Kmart.
  • Savings promotions for cardholders only.
  • Statement credit offer for new accounts.
  • EMV technology (Electronic Money Transfer).
  • Credit and Account Protection.


Call the number printed on the sticker on the front of the card or call (800) 815-7701.

Verify your personal information, including your SSN, card or the phone number provided on your application.

You can access your statement at any time by logging into your account on-line and going to the statement information. If you have elected to receive electronic statements, your card issuer should notify you via email when your new statement is ready.

The Shop Your Way mobile app provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that connects the online world with your favorite stores. Everywhere you go, you can search for products, get great deals, and check your Points.

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