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Where the money flows: Gates’ recipients of all that cash

From the Great Schools of America website, here are a few of many organizations that Gates funds to get what he wants for the rest of us and our children:

Achieve, Inc.

Achieve, Inc. is led by a Board of Directors consisting of governors and business leaders. For the past 15 years it has been one of the most influential education policy organizations in the nation. Since 1999 Achieve Inc. has received more than $37,000,000 from the Gates Foundation alone to lead the charge in implementing the Common Core State Standards, influencing education policy, requiring high-stakes testing of students, and creating accountability and evaluation models for public schools and teachers. … more

Achievement First

New York and Connecticut charter school network that hopes to expand into other states. It has been cited for its extremely strict discipline policies and bullying of students. Two parents speak out in the movie The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman. … more

Achievement Network, The (ANet)

The Achievement Network reform organization collects and analyzes data of poor and minority students to determine the size of the achievement gap. … more

Advance Illinois

Astroturf education policy organization funded by the Gates Foundation and others involved in abolishing teacher’s collective bargaining rights and advancing policy in tune with that promoted by the Billionaire Boys Club. … more

ALEC American Legislative Exchange Council

Aims to privatize education, influence higher education policy, and deregulate the teaching profession through buying legislative favors. … more

Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools

Although it proclaims that great teachers make all the difference in a child’s education, the organization employs personnel who are not trained, professional teachers to staff the classrooms of our nation’s poorest children. … more

Broad Center for Management of School Systems

Eli Broad, with connections to Wall Street failures such as AIG, who freely admits to knowing nothing about education, seeks to own and control our public schools. He admits to knowing something about business and governance, a claim that can be easily disputed. The Broad Center specializes in “training” and placing school administrators, most of whom have no education background, in high paying positions of power. … more

Center for Education Reform

Promotes charter schools and is a tool of “reform” advocates to privatize our public schools. … more

Center for Teaching Quality

In the business of advancing the teaching profession according to the policies of it’s funders who promote a “reform” agenda. … more

College Ready Promise

Charter management organizations (CMO) that have privatized many schools in California. … more

Equity Project Charter School, The (TEP)

According the 990’s filed with the IRS for the past three years, TEP has paid no one over $100,000 a year, has received funding from private sources, and has 480 students. Publicly, TEP claims to pay teachers $125,000 base salary plus up to $25,000 in bonuses, to not accept private funding, to enroll 125 students. … more

Foundation for Excellence In Education

Jeb Bush’s education nonprofit. Signature initiatives include testing, testing, testing, labeling schools, deprofessionalizing teaching, and cutting funding for education.

“Aptly named FEE, Bush’s group is backed by many of the same for-profit school corporations that have funded ALEC and vote as equals with its legislators on templates to change laws governing America’s public schools. FEE is also bankrolled by many of the same hard-right foundations bent on privatizing public schools that have funded ALEC. They have pushed many of the same changes to the law, which benefit their corporate benefactors and satisfy the free market fundamentalism of the billionaires whose tax-deductible charities underwrite the agenda of these two groups.”

In 2013, FEE filed a 990-PF changing from a tax-exempt organization to a non-exempt private foundation claiming zero assets. … more

Green Dot Public Schools

Although it proclaims that great teachers make all the difference in a child’s education, the organization employs personnel who are not trained, professional teachers to staff the classrooms of our nation’s poorest children. … more

KIPP Academy

Flagship charter management corporation given life by the Billionaire Boys Club and touted as a model by reformers. KIPP schools serve mostly segregated, low income populations and require longer school days, weeks, and years to teach a test driven curriculum. … more

KIPP Foundation

The KIPP Foundation supports KIPP schools, recruits and hires uncertified teachers and administrators at great expense to donors and taxpayers. … more

League of Education Voters

Astroturf organization, NOT to be confused with the very excellent League of Women Voters whose good name they piggyback on, that influences education policy favoring the privatization of public schools in Washington state. Pro charter schools, high stakes testing, and Teach for America types. Although it claims to be citizen-founded and citizen-funded, LEV Foundation accepted nearly 6 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from 2001 to 2011. League of Education Voters Political Action Committee (LEV PAC) founded in 2012. … more

League of Education Voters Foundation (LEVF)

Together with its sister organization, League of Education Voters, LEV Foundation advocates for the privatization of public schools in Washington state. The Foundation is the moneyed component that has been awarded millions from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. … more

National Council on Teacher Quality

Teacher bashing organization that seeks to influence policy and regulation of the teaching profession. … more

New Teacher Project, The

Michelle Rhee founded TNTP after a short stint at Teach for America. Since the Washington, D.C. cheating scandal you’ll find little mention of her name in connection to the organization. The New Teacher Project is much like Teach for America. The organization staffs schools with uncertified teachers. … more

NewSchools Venture Fund

Teacher bashing organization that has been successful in excluding educators from the education process. It investors have extraordinary access to extraordinary amounts of our tax dollars while having no education expertise. … more

Parent Revolution

In 2009, parents in Sacramento demanded the ALEC style Parent Empowerment Act, often called the “Parent Trigger” law, that allows parents at underperforming schools to demand real improvements if the parents organize the majority of parents at their children’s school. Parents, funded by the Gates, Walton, Arnold, Broad and other foundations, ultimately succeeded. The California legislature passed of the country’s first-ever Parent Trigger law in January 2010. The epic-fail movie, Won’t Back Down, chronicles a pseudo-struggle, sort of. The group advocates closing down neighborhood schools and replacing them with privately run charter schools. … more

PTA (National Congress of Parents and Teachers)

The national PTA has been instrumental in bringing parents and teachers together in communities across the country to support children and schools. In recent years, the organization’s decisions have been influenced by the dictates and funding of billionaire foundations. … more

Stand for Children

Promotes itself as a grassroots organization but receives substantial funding from rich venture philanthropists who rather deceptively recruit ordinary citizens to advocate for corporate education and the deregulation of the teaching profession. … more

Teach for America

Teach for America is an elitist organization that recruits non-teachers to educate America’s most vulnerable students at a premium price. Research shows that the program does harm to children, does not close the achievement gap as claimed, and costs taxpayers millions. Founder Wendy Kopp has no education training or expertise, but she is extremely effective at asking very rich people, corporations, and the federal government for millions of dollars and getting it. Teach for America perpetuates the myth that anyone with a college degree is a teacher. It is a recruiting and placement service. Until 2011, eligibility requirements stipulated that education majors and licensed teachers were prohibited from joining. TFA has gone to great expense to market the company as the “peace corps” of teaching. It is not. Its placements are not teachers and not volunteers. Recruits agree to teach for two years and then move on to a real career. In addition to a regular teacher’s salary, TFA placements are given two $5,000 awards to pay for college expenses. The awards are provided by the federal government through Americorps, whose funding is appropriated to aid volunteer organizations in America’s poorest communities. An exception has be made for TFA. TFA “teachers” are given preferable access to teaching jobs over regular teachers especially in public charter schools funded by Gates and Broad. TFA hires highly paid administrators, who also are not educators, to “coach” and assist its placements. … more

Urban Teacher Residency United

Unlike the medical model, residents have not taken education courses, but are placed in classrooms with teachers to practice without requisite teaching knowledge. … more


To see the entire list, go to Great Schools for America.

Post Script:

The author of Great Schools for America recently showed me a new list of organizations either created or funded by Bill Gates to forward his agenda of the corporate takeover of our schools so there is more to come.

Dora Taylor


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