Pushing Career Education Too Soon – Seattle Education

Pushing Career Education Too Soon – Seattle Education

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Stealing Vocational Dreams: Pushing Career Education Too Soon

Reposted with permission from Nancy Bailey’s Education Website.

3 thoughts on “Stealing Vocational Dreams: Pushing Career Education Too Soon

  1. Sarah says:

    Not “possibly too much focus,” but definitely so. And not just what is “way beyond ethically appropriate” but beyond what is developmentally appropriate or even possible.
    Good grief! Is everyone in the business world trying to change the education of living, breathing, growing, developing human beings into merely a place or way to “engineer” particular types of people who can only do particular types of things? If so, that is NOT education reform, but something entirely alien that we should stand strongly against and redirect onto a more human oriented path.


    1. seattleducation2010 says:

      Yes. Everyone is trying to make a buck off of our children.


  2. Laura H. Chapman says:

    his move to push careers in tandem with college has been in the works for more than two decades, and this version, unlike much 20th century work in “vocational education” has been marketed in tandem with the Common Core. The current version was hatched by Achieve, Inc. The Education Trust and others who started the American Diploma Project. Some of that history is in this report https://www.achieve.org/american-diploma-project-defines-what-high-school-graduates-need-know-says-many-fall-short
    and in this one “Ready or Not: Creating a High School Diploma That Counts,” https://www.achieve.org/readyornot Both publications cited cooked up data on jobs that this generation should aspire to and the skills they would need to get them based on interviews with business people in a few states, and some quickly dated stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
    The latest versions are from Governors who are insisting that graduates of schools in their state, including higher public education should contribute to the economy in that state— as if there was no global economy, or SHOULD BE no global economy.


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