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Ranked: Private Elementary Schools Seattle [Lastest January, 2023]

Private elementary schools Seattle provide a variety of learning methods and a regularly updated curriculum. These private institutions get good evaluations for their class sizes and degree offerings. These schools also provide child education and social studies programs recognized by the National Association of Independent Schools.

The 10 Best Private Elementary Schools Seattle

Parents want the best education for their children. Public schools provide the basics, some far above others, but to ensure your child learns certain values in a smaller, individualized setting, many parents choose to send their children to private schools. These can be religiously based or non-denominational.

There are 96 Seattle private elementary schools area serving more than 20,000 students. Nearly half of them are religious, but many are not. Some are only for lower school students, while others cover up to 12th grade. Some also include aftercare programs to accommodate your work schedule. Tuition fees vary, but the average annual fee is $18,945. The number of students varies from dozens to hundreds. Here are some of best elementary schools in Washington Seattle area:

1. Annie Wright Schools

Annie Wright Schools

Founded in 1884, Annie Wright Schools serves students from age three through high school. Annie Wright Junior and Junior High School offers co-educational programs in grades Pre-K to Grade 8, while a separate Senior High School offers day and boarding options in Grades 9-12.

Five-day and seven-day boarding options attract students from all over the world. AWS is proud to be an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, offering IB programs in every division. Yearly tuition is $32,300 for the highest grade provided and may have changed for the current school year. Please contact the school for further information.

Annie Wright Schools is located in the beautiful North End community of Tacoma, Washington. This historic campus was named the most beautiful private school in Washington State by Architectural Digest. While their campus and buildings are certainly beautiful, what happens inside their buildings is pure magic.

2. Epiphany School

Epiphany School

Epiphany School is an independent, non-parochial school for students from Kindergarten to Year 5. Provide a well-rounded education including academic excellence, values and character-based discovering in a caring, inclusive environment.

This school encourages parental involvement. There are 236 students and the annual tuition is $26,705. Established in 1958, it is a prestigious and established school.

The average student-teacher ratio is 7:1, about half the national average, so all students receive the attention they need. There are several extracurricular activities including Lego engineering, gymnastics and yoga.

3. Bush School

Bush School

The Bush School is one of the oldest and largest private schools. Founded in 1924 by Helen Taylor Bush, the non-denominational school serves 660 students in preschool through 12th grade. The average class size is around 15 students, who come from a variety of backgrounds.

The school emphasizes independent and creative thinking, intercultural fluency and citizenship, and academic, artistic and athletic excellence. There is also an off-campus campus where students can participate in field activities.

The Bush School is selective in which students it chooses, and tuition ranges from $27,500 for the Lower School to $35,255 for the High School.

4. Charles Wright Academy

Charles Wright Academy

Founded in 1957, Charles Wright Academy is an independent day school in Tacoma that develops and challenges students in preschool through 12th grade, developing the character, creativity, and skills to navigate the future with confidence and success. CWA is an inclusive community that values integrity, respect, compassion, perseverance and excellence.

Small class sizes and talented, caring staff provide intellectual contest and support at every stage. CWA’s beautiful 107-acre campus provides active, experiential and joyful learning for all students, including art, music, science, world languages and physical education.

Extensive school bus service includes Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Olympia and South King counties. CWA is accredited by the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS). Tuition for the highest grade provided is $29,320 per year, however this may have changed since last year.

5. Bright Water Waldorf School

Bright Water Waldorf School

Waldorf education originated in Germany in 1919. Since then, Waldorf schools and their ideas have spread all over the world. Bright Water Waldorf School opened in 1998, bringing this renowned educational experience to Seattle.

Serving 184 students in grade 8, students have access to a rich curriculum, innovative teaching methods, personal attention and a caring community. There is a wealth of educator experience and athletic opportunities.

Your students will build confidence and receive an outstanding education, with tuition ranging from $7,900 to $18,375 for the school year. Approximately 60 percent of students who apply for admission are admitted.

6. Hillside Student Community School

Hillside Student Community School

At Hillside, they are committed to developing students’ talents so they can share them with the world in meaningful ways. They offer a challenging college preparatory program centered on developing creative, compassionate, and critical-thinking individuals.

In their tiny, supportive classes, their students feel safe taking the risk of making mistakes – that’s how real learning is done. They learn the courage to fail, to forgive failure, to learn from failure, to correct, to move forward, and to try again. They learn self-awareness, recognizing strengths and limitations in themselves and others, and use those limitations to develop compassion.

7. Holy Rosary School

Holy Rosary School

About 40 percent of Seattle’s private schools are run by the Catholic Church. Holy Rosary School is ranked in the top 20% of private schools in the entire state of Washington. From pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, 482 students receive a faith education centered on biblical teaching.

Faith and prayer are integrated into the curriculum and way of life. Additionally, Holy Rosary School integrates elements of STEM to provide students with a technical education that prepares them for the future. A band, chess club, LEGO robots and youth choir round out the student experience.

8. Bear Creek School

Bear Creek School

It provides a challenging Christian liberal arts education that develops student leaders through integrated instruction in STEM, arts, and humanities. Small class sizes create a safe and supportive environment (Fees Per Year of $25,450).

Bear Creek’s college preparatory curriculum includes Honors and Advanced Placement courses taught by dedicated faculty in a supportive Christian community. Our graduates qualify for admission to the best colleges and universities and are ready to take on the world with wisdom, compassion and courage.

Founded in 1988 and located in Redmond, Washington, Bear Creek School serves PreK – Grade 12 students from the Greater East Side. Bear Creek School is accredited by the Northwest Association of Independent Schools and the AdvancED/Northwest Accrediting Council.

9. Seattle Christian School

Seattle Christian School

Founded in 1946, Seattle Christian School is designed for students and families who desire a faith-based educational experience.

With 512 students in grades Kindergarten through 12, the school is small enough to provide individualized attention, yet large enough to offer advanced academics and all major athletic programs.

Tuition is $11,500 per year, with discounts available for financially needy students. Students are well prepared for life, both educationally and spiritually.

10. Birch School

Birch School

The Bertschi School serves 246 students in grades K through 5. Founded in 1975, their philosophy is to teach children to be compassionate, confident and creative learners. Tuition is $30,789 per year. The teacher-student ratio is 9:1.

Teachers, parents and students work together to create a supportive and tolerant learning environment. Their campus is committed to sustainability and coexistence with nature. In addition to top-notch academics, students can also study art, technology, dance and music.

Educational Activities for Elementary School Students in Seattle

Playing and teaching is the best way for elementary school students to learn many useful things. The most important thing at this age is to grab the attention of children, so it is recommended to use as many interesting elements as possible, such as toys, coloring books, picture books, music, etc., to help them master tasks more easily.

Computers and tablets that enable children to use educational applications and other gadgets that are becoming integral to everyday educational activities in schools are also very helpful. However, the most important factor is the creativity of children and their teachers.

Board game

Board games are an excellent strategy for discovering many useful things. There are various board games with simple rules that are wonderful for education. But why not design a new board game? All we need are pawns, dice and an idea. The idea is simple: to mark the starting area, the location leading to the finishing point should be thematically related to one of the areas of study.

So, for example, a board game could be designed where kids drive a rocket (play piece) to Earth while learning about the planets, stars, and space. Special fields can be designated to “launch” the player three places forward, or force them two places back to “avoid the meteor” (learn what a meteor is in the process). The best quality of such games is that they not only help introduce children to various fields of study, but also teach them patience and a competitive spirit.

Treasure hunt game

Scavenger hunts are one of the best educational elemtary activities for kids about finding hidden treasures. The idea is to hide the treasure in the yard, or in the room (if playing indoors), and kids find the treasure by solving puzzles to find the next clue. With just a little creativity, you can design a fantastic educational scavenger hunt. The first step is to choose a theme, such as The Alphabet, where the clue to the treasure will involve letters and words.

For example, the first clue could be: “how many steps to follow the letter of the alphabet”. The next clue may be to combine words from the given letters or riddles. This is a fantastic opportunity for kids to develop social skills, make suggestions and help each other. Treasure should always be something satisfying that keeps them entertained and encourages them to learn through play.

Science experiment

There are tons of perfectly safe experiments to introduce kids to the world of science. They involve very simple yet engaging educational activities designed to get kids interested in physics, chemistry and other science subjects. Let’s name a few really fun experiments that every kid will love:

  • Create giant soap bubbles
  • Make a Lava Lamp
  • Make sundials and calendars
  • Find the density of a liquid

These are just some science experiments that are perfectly safe, but fun and engaging for kids at the same time. Another benefit of these experiments is that they will help kids realize that science can be cool.

Video shooting

Kids love cartoons and enjoy watching their favorite heroes on TV, computer and mobile phones. So why not make up a story yourself and make a video (with the help of a teacher)? To achieve this, children must cooperate with each other to come up with an idea. The quality of the video is not as important as the process and the effort put into it. It is important that children learn to share ideas, support each other, reach consensus and work in teams. This approach is also ideal for remote studying conditions, as each child can work on a project on their own at home.

Learning through play brings many benefits

Kids will love these educational activities, and they won’t even notice how much they’re learning while having fun. This is key to instilling the right values in them from an early age, such as respect for others, while conveying the message that hard work always pays off. Interestingly, even older kids and college students can use the system.

The difference, of course, is the complexity of the material, but the main ideas remain the same – creativity, interaction and a desire for progress. When implementing this method of studying activities, it doesn’t matter what the students learn—writing, drawing, or the chemical composition of Jupiter’s atmosphere.

That is all of the information we have for you. I hope you found this site beneficial in your quest for knowledge. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and on our Seattleduction website to stay up to date on the latest news.


The average tuition cost is $19,020, which is greater than the average tuition cost for Washington private schools, which is $12,344. Religious affiliation is seen in 41% of Seattle, WA private schools (most commonly Catholic and Jewish).

Yes, paying yearly fees for smaller class numbers, more individual attention, great academic and school facilities, and they follow their own curriculum is worthwhile.

Private school students may be more intellectually challenged, exposed to clearer value systems, have better access to instructors, and may just feel safer.

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