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Parents Across America 2012

Parents Across America invites existing local or statewide education groups who share our overall goals of progressive, positive education reform and more parent input in education policymaking to affiliate with us. The more of us there are, the stronger our voice will be at every level.

We are also looking for parents who are interested in forming  chapters of PAA in their states and/or  local communities.  Be advised, however that as a chapter of PAA, you cannot endorse candidates for elective office.  You can do so as an individual, as long as you emphasize you are not speaking on behalf of the organization.

We collaborate with our affiliates and chapters to coordinate our national activities, promote  events and do outreach to potential members in your area, offer you space on our website and/or on our blog, send out alerts about key legislative issues, share policy and research resources, and work in coalition on our common goals.

If you are interested in having your existing group become a PAA affiliate, or you would like to form a new chapter of PAA, please write us at:

Current PAA Chapters and Affiliates


Voices for Education; contact for more information.


Sacramento Coalition to Save Public Education ; for more information.

District of Columbia

Parents Across America -DC contact for more information


Testing is not Teaching;


Parents United for Responsible Education (Chicago) contact for more information

Parents Across America Rockford/Stakeholders United (Rockford )


NOLA (New Orleans)

New Jersey

New Jersey Parents Against Governor Christie’s Budget Cuts

Parents Unified for Local Education (Newark)

Save Our Schools NJ

New York

Class Size Matters Contact for more information

Community Education Task Force (Rochester)

The Mothers Agenda

Parents Across America – Central NY

North Carolina

Great Schools in North Carolina

Great Schools in Wake Coalition (Raleigh)

Mecklenburg Area Coming Together for Schools (Charlotte)


Oregon Save Our Schools; for more information contact


Parents United for Public Education – Philadelphia

Parents Across America – Central Pennsylvania


Coalition SAUS (Strengthen Austin Urban Schools); contact for more information.


Kennewick School District Citizens

Parents Across America, Seattle For more information, contact and

Parents Across America, Spokane For more information, contact

PAA-Tri Cities chapter, Eastern Washington (Kennewick, Pasco and Richland) For more information, contact

Parents Across America, Tacoma for more information, contact


From Stand Karp of Rethinking Schools, Challenging Corporate Ed Reform and 10 Hopeful Signs of Resistance, an excerpt:

Hopeful Signs of Resistance

It’s important to remember that corporate reform rests on fundamentally false premises. Corporate reformers do not represent the interests of poor communities of color or, for that matter, working- or middle-class communities. Test-based reform, which is now the status quo in public education and has been for some time, has been a colossal failure on its own test score terms.

And because reality still counts—despite the bizarre Wizard of Oz-like character of our media and political systems—corporate reform rests on a very weak foundation of false claims and failed policies. For all its deep pockets and political influence, it’s a movement that has absolutely no way to deliver on its promises of better education for all, and particularly for our poorest and most vulnerable schools and communities.

That’s why, despite the backing of the 1 percent, corporate ed reform is running into increasing opposition from the rest of us. So let me end by offering a quick survey of 10 hopeful, tangible signs of growing resistance to the corporate reform agenda. These are promising efforts to build on as we work to turn the race over the cliff into a fight for a better, more democratic future. In no particular order:

Parents Across America has linked experienced parent activists in Seattle, Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Florida, and elsewhere into a growing parent voice for better education policies and programs. The landscape is different in every city, but there is no more crucial work than mobilizing parents and building an alliance with teachers to defend and improve public education. Even a small group of activist parents can have a big influence on local reform debates if they join with educators, community leaders, and others. If you haven’t connected to PAA already, do it (

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