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Ollo credit card login is the main point of this post. By entering your username and password you can make your account management and payments via Bank of Missouri website and mobile app easily.

About Ollo Card Services

Ollo is a different kind of credit company. They don’t believe in hidden fees or charges, so you can rest easy knowing you’re not paying a cent more than you need to.

Not only do they not charge any annual fees, but they also do not impose hefty fines for being late with your payments. Your credit limit will be increased even if your account is in good standing!

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Ollo card services offer customers two cards to choose from.

  • Ollo Platinum Mastercard
  • Ollo Rewards Mastercard

The Bank of Missouri, which issues this card thanks to a license from MasterCard, is an Ollo partner; Ollo does not issue directly

ollo credit card login

If you are a current Ollo credit cardholder, you have 24/7 online access to your account. Simply log in with your user ID and password to view your balance, payment history and more.

  1. Go to the Ollo website at ollocard com
  2. Enter your username and password. Tick on the Remember me box for the future login purposes.
  3. Click Sign In.
ollo credit card login

Forgot your password

If you are unable to log in to your account due to an issue with an incorrect password, you can reset your password using your phone or laptop as follows:

  1. Open Ollo’s forgotten access login page as above link.
  2. Click “Forgot Your Username or Password” which is below the Sign In button
  3. An instruction form will appear to help you recover your password which is the last 6 digits of your account number and username.
  4. Click on the “Next” button, complete the next process and create a new password for your on-line account.
Forgot your password

If you have forgotten your user ID, you will need to call customer service as there is no option for retrieving your account on Ollo’s website. If you are a user in the US, please call 1-877-494-0020 for assistance. And for an international user, call 1-516-224-5600.

Online Account Access Via Mobile App

You can access your account on your smartphone or tablet with Ollo App

  1. Download the app. You can download Ollo from the App store or Google Play.
  2. Launch the app
  3. You enter your username and password

After that you can view recent transactions and your balances in one simple display.

  • Set up recurring and one-off payments.
  • Look at bank statements for the last 24 months.
  • Free FICO® Score Check.
  • Configure account notifications.
  • New credit card online? Sign in to the app.
  • Customer support

Apply For Ollo Credit If You don’t Have An Account

Ollo only sends invitations to eligible customers and collects information about them from various credit reporting agencies. You can apply when you receive an invitation email.

You can apply for a credit limit on-line if you have received an offer by email. An email invitation will be used to provide you with a reservation number and access code.

The application process is listed below. Please check everything.

  1. Go to Ollo homepage to access the official website,
  2. Select the Respond to an offer link from the top menu.
  3. Then enter the reservation number and access code.
Apply For Ollo Credit If You don't Have An Account

Activate A New Ollo Credit Card Account

On Website

If you want to make purchases after receiving your Ollo card credit, you will need to activate it. Using the steps below, the following descriptions can be completed on-line.

  1. Open the official website and select the Activate Card link from the top menu.
  2. On the next page you will find a card activation form.
  3. Complete the form by entering your last name, date of birth, social security number (SSN), Ollo credit number and card expiry date.
  4. Click the Next button. You will be approved and you can use it for all transactions if all the information provided is correct.
Activate A New Ollo Credit Card Account

On Mobile App

The activation process can be completed on app using the following steps.

  1. Open the app on your phone
  2. On the card activation form, enter your last name, date of birth, last four digits of your social security number (SSN), Ollo card number and card expiry date.
  3. Then click the Next button. If all the information provided is correct, the card will be activated and you can use it for all transactions.

Create An Online Account To Login Ollo Credit

If you haven’t set up on-line access yet to login Ollo credit, simply make this registration process

  1. Under the login section, click the Enroll Here option.
  2. You’ll need to enter your detailed information
  3. The next step is to set up your terms.
  4. Now set up Your Ollo Account and then select Your Settings.
  5. That is it! you are inside, just log in.
Create An Online Account To Login Ollo Credit

Ollo Credit Cards Customer Service

Ollo Cards Services Pay Phone Number

If you need to pay your Ollo bill, you can do it over the phone. Contact customer service at 1-877-494-0020 and follow the automated prompts. You have your account no. and zip code for invoicing at hand. Have your credit or debit cards ready to make payments.

Be sure to mention your account no. with your payment, so that it is credited correctly to your account! If you have any questions about your account or need assistance, you can always contact card login payment Customer Service for assistance.

Customer Service Opening Hours

Ollo’s customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you with any questions or concerns. So if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Ollo Credit Card Payment Online And Other Methods

Ollo Credit Card Payment Online And Other Methods

There are several ways to pay your bill, so you can choose the most convenient for you.

Please note: The minimum monthly payment due for each billing cycle will be $27 or the sum of 1% of the New Statement Balance plus any Interest Charges plus any Late Fee. In addition, any past due amounts from previous billing cycles will be included in your Minimum Payment Due, if applicable.

Payment Online

  1. Log in to the Ollo card website.
  2. Click on the option Payments and go to Payment.
  3. Verify your account with a one-time access code or your SNN.
  4. Enter the amount you want to pay and set
  5. enter a date.
  6. Click Submit and that’s it

By Phone

If you need to make your payment, you can do it over the phone. To pay by phone, call the number on the back of your card or 1-877-494-0020 and follow the automated instructions. You must enter your account no. and payment details, after which your payment will be processed.

By Mail

To pay by post, you need to do the following:

  1. Request to get a money order or cashier’s check from your bank or post office. Be sure to make it payable to “Ollo Card”.
  2. Write your account number on the check.
  3. Please add a note to your payment with your name, address and phone number. This way Ollo customer service can identify your account and request your payment correctly.

You should also include a daytime phone number in case the customer service needs to reach you regarding your payment.

Send the money order or cashier’s check to:

  • Ollo Map Services
  • PO Box 660371
  • Dallas, TX 75266-0371

That’s all you need to do! Once they have received your payment, it will be credited to your account within three business days.

Ollo Card Login Pay Bill Via The Mobile App

  1. Open the Ollo mobile app, go to the menu and tap the Make a payment option.
  2. Select your card here and go through the verification process to continue.
  3. Now enter the amount you want to pay and the date.
  4. Click Submit and that’s it!


  • No annual fees and no hidden fees on Ollo Platinum cards.
  • Your credit limit is increased depending on your account status (good or bad).
  • No fees for foreign transactions, so you can pay all over the world for free.
  • No excessive late fees or penalties on both Platinum and Rewards cards.
  • Ollo’s mobile app makes it very easy to manage your account, including checking your bank statements, making payments and checking your FICO score at no cost.
  • You can check your FICO score for free on the internet, which will keep you from failing.
  • APR can be a bit high, up to 24%, but new users get discount offers.
  • On Ollo Rewards Card you get 2% cash back on purchases in the supermarket, petrol and drugstore.
  • Ollo Optimum Mastercard is now available; % 2.5 cash back on every purchase; There are no restrictions; There is no minimum to redeem; There are no expiration dates;
  • Helpful and reliable client service is available 24 hours a day all week

The Ollo Platinum Mastercard is open to applicants with average (or “fair”) credit, defined as FICO scores ranging from 630 to 689.

If you’ve had your card for a long enough time, you’ll be able to request a limit increase in your profile settings.

After enrolling your account, you may request a Balance Transfer by phone or on-line at the website. Unless your account has an Introductory APR on Balance, you may not be able to transfer balances from other credit accounts.

You can only cancel by contacting service at (877) 494-0020.

According to anecdotal evidence, the Ollo Rewards Mastercard® has a limit of $300 or more. Some users have reported receiving a starting limit of up to $2500.

You’ll receive an automatic credit limit increase five months after it is issued.

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