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Northeastern University Seattle: Co-op Program & Global University System

Northeastern University Seattle is a global, experiential research university, built on a tradition of engagement with the world, creating a distinctive approach to education and research. See more details about study at Northeastern University, Seattle campus, and more in this article.

About Northeastern University

about northeastern university

Northeastern University, which was established in 1898, is a worldwide research university that emphasizes experiential learning and is built on a history of international involvement. Nine colleges and schools house the university’s undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degree systems. Graduate campuses are also located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Toronto, offering a variety of advanced degrees.

Northeastern started with a novel concept: that integrating students’ coursework with real-world learning experiences in their field of study would enrich higher education; that a university can best serve its students and foster innovation by working closely with its community through partnerships with businesses.

Programs, Courses & Schools at Universities

programs courses schools at northeastern university

Numerous undergraduate, postgraduate, certificate, and online colleges are available through the University. The campus provides students with a variety of chances for learning and challenges. The following are some of the areas of study available at Northeastern Seattle University:

  • IT & Computers
  • data evaluation
  • Technology in Education & Learning
  • criminology & law
  • Governance & Management
  • Study of Politics and Security

Study & Research Opportunities

study and research opportunities

The university has a comprehensive, global faculty and more than 30,000 global collaborative partnerships. These opportunities will help you gain real-world experience and expand your skill set.

It offers a wide range of courses. You can apply for a variety of industries. Northeastern University Seattle graduate programs are also offered with more than 150 graduate courses as well as some master’s programs.

There is a unique approach to matriculate courses. It combines on-campus and online classes with flexible schedules to give students maximum convenience. The school also offers a number of special hybrid degrees based on high-demand career opportunities.

Whichever course you choose, Northeastern institute will provide you with a practical industry-oriented education that will help you advance your career. The rich cultural diversity in school and the flexibility of the course provide you with a comfortable space to study. Northeastern University offers a wide variety of student organizations, so there is something for each student.

See more about Co-op Program:

University of Infrastructure & Resources


northeastern university campus

The international campus is located in South Lake Union, Washington, USA, is a hub for innovation and discovery. Many businesses and organizations that support the university’s mission are based on campus, and the South Lake Union neighborhood is a magnet for visionary leaders who daily inspire, develop, and use innovative technologies and research. 

Courses in computer science, bioinformatics, and research are among those offered by the institution as part of its online and hybrid matriculate degree and certificate offerings, worldwide project management and research. The university’s associate programs give students the training and experience they need to get employment in this cutthroat industry.


northeastern university library

Northeastern ‘s libraries are a vital component of the educational process and a priceless source for current students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as for the general public. To support academic work and develop research at Northeastern Institute, the library provides a wide range of books, as well as other materials and services. The library has a sizable collection of books, e-books, and other media. For everyone’s needs in terms of learning and conducting research, the library offers adaptable and well-equipped environments. Libraries promote knowledge management, knowledge creation, and student learning.

Housing Services

On campus, students from all over the nation and the world can live, learn, and grow together in residence halls provided by Northeastern Seattle University Campus Housing and Residence Life. The residence halls of Northeastern Institute offer comfort and support as well as chances for socialization, cultural exploration, and personal development. Comfortable lodging is ideal in housing. Students can choose a room depending on price, amenities, and accessibility. Through our shared housing, students can live in communities of peers who have similar interests in sports, writing, movies, and homework. The school’s residence hall offers a range of services, including:

  • Totally furnished rooms
  • vast living room with kitchen
  • Universal Utilities
  • Cable TV and free WiFi
  • Facilities for free laundry
  • Support 24-hour security and on-site housing staff Programming is designed around a residential curriculum.

Off-campus Northeastern College Students seeking off-campus accommodation near the university campus can get help from Seattle Campus. They offer close-by accommodation that is handy for faculty, employees, and students. Apartments, and shared rooms are available for rent at hostels close to the campus.

Medical Services

northeastern university medical services

Students can get medical care at the Seattle campus. Students are encouraged by Health Services to lead healthy lives in order to fulfill their personal, academic, and professional ambitions. Additionally, they keep a crew on standby to respond right away to any accidents or injuries affecting anyone on campus. The services provided include primary and urgent healthcare, health certifications, regular women’s healthcare, emergency response, and health education. The team includes licensed physicians and nurses that are committed to their work and offer students excellent medical treatment.

Student Club

northeastern university medical student club

Northeastern University student organizations or clubs are one of the best ideas to get involved in campus. Numerous clubs and organizations for students are available on the campus, giving them the chance to get engaged. Everything a student needs to keep active on campus is provided by the university.

Why should you enroll at Northeastern University Seattle?


Northeastern aims to contribute to the personal fulfillment of each university member, the well-being of the local community, and the development of solutions that address societal and universal issues.


The school promotes a culture of respect that upholds ties between groups and fosters community by celebrating diversity in all of its manifestations.


We conduct each of our operations and relationships in a way that upholds the highest moral standards.


The university encourages active participation in teaching and learning, scholarly and research endeavors, urban community life, as well as relationships with our alumni and friends.


Northeastern Schools provides chances for people who work hard to overcome obstacles and show great promise for the future.

Besides, Northeastern-Seattle University scholarships and financial aid are provided to students based solely on their academic performance. Scholarships are awarded to 30% of applicants. This is support to pay your tuition fee.

The school offers a prestigious MBA degree for students. This is affordable, flexible, and focused to provide a thorough understanding of organizations.

We believe that, with the values, learning environment and convenience that the school brings, Northeastern University is a great place for you to choose to study, even as an internship, study abroad or graduate program.

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According to the Best Colleges 2022 edition, Northeastern is placed #49 ranking among National Universities. The university currently has approximately 12,000 international students studying there from 118 different nations, making it one of the largest international student communities.

International students are required to have a TOEFL score. The required minimum TOEFL-iBT score differs between degrees at University. For prospective students, a TOEFL-iBT score between 99 and 108 is ideal.

Admission to Northeastern University is very tough. Only 13,199 of the 64,279 applications the university received for its incoming 2020–2021 class were accepted, resulting in a 20% acceptance rate.

The school is renowned for its abundance of undergraduate and matriculate courses in more than 60 academic fields, including business and management, marketing, engineering, biological and biomedical sciences, and computer and information science.

The cooperation program at Northeastern is without a doubt one of the key factors in the university’s success. Students at NU finish a five-year course that includes three collaborations of six months each, which give them practical work experience at well-known corporations around the globe.

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