Jordan Glore
  • Full name: Jordan Max Glore
  • Academic title: Master of Literary language 
  • Expertise: Applied English, college teacher
  • Position: Technical editor (casual)


Jordan Glore is the Technical Editor for Seattleducation. He started teaching writing and research materials for Seattle University students in 2017. As a kid, he loved poetry, was passionate about literary works, The first works written about the learning efforts of young children were composed by him when he was only 17 years old.

In addition, he is regularly invited to serve as a student psychology consultant, edit proposals for nonprofits and present them at conferences of superhero and literary writers. chemical.

About Seattleducation

At, we understand that learning is endless, unstoppable, and incredibly important. Our target audience is Students and curious people who always want more from online courses, prestigious universities, information related to learning applications or education related matters, etc.

Our readers love Seattle for its short, easy to understand and in-depth writing style. The education-savvy editorial team brings you the latest information, guides you through specific processes, and helps you complete your research projects quickly.

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