ctcLink North Seattle College Registration, Login Portal, Password Reset & Mobile App

ctcLink North Seattle College Login Portal, Registration, Password Reset & Mobile App

ctcLink North Seattle College allows students to use an operating system to manage their academic documents anytime and anywhere, register for classes, view academic progress, handle financial aid processes, pay tuition and fees, manage profiles, etc. Find out how to sign up for your account, log in to ctcLink through a website or mobile device, and reset your password. Let’s explore!

Overview Of North Seattle College

Overview Of North Seattle College

North Seattle College, or NSC, is a public college in Seattle, Washington. It is one of three colleges in the Seattle Colleges District, which is part of the Washington Community and Technical Colleges system.

NSC, which was established in 1970 and has been around for 53 years, is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and offers associate’s, bachelor’s, university transfer, and certificate programs in addition to continuing education and college reparation programs.

In March 2014, the board of trustees for the Seattle Community Colleges District voted unanimously to change the name of the district to “Seattle Colleges,” and North Seattle Community College became North Seattle College.

What Is ctcLink?

What is ctcLink?

ctcLink is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool that gives students, faculty, and staff access to their college business anytime, anywhere. This platform combines student information into a single data set to give students more self-service options and make it easier to transfer to or from other community and technical colleges in the state.

Seattle Colleges, North Seattle College, Seattle Central College, and South Seattle College, have relocated to ctcLink as of Monday, February 22, 2021. ctcLink has replaced the colleges’ long-standing employee, business, and personnel data platforms. Data from Seattle Colleges and the state’s community and technical college platform are combined using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform made by PeopleSoft. At all 34 of Washington’s public community and technical colleges as of May 2022, ctcLink is in use (along with the SBCTC agency).

Your ctcLink Seattle Colleges account gives you access to the following apps:

  • Manage Classes: Sign-ups and enrollments for classes.
  • Financial Aid: Manage financial aid awards and applications.
  • Academic Records: View grades for previous courses and obtain unofficial transcripts.
  • Profile: View personal info or get up-to-date information.

Your Canvas account can also be accessed using your ctcLink ID and passcode (please note that Canvas is a separate application).

ctcLink North Seattle College Account Registration

Follow the steps below to enroll your ctcLink account:

  1. First, you need to visit the official North Seattle College website at northseattle.edu.
  2. Next, click on Students and press on the ctcLink icon.  
ctclink North Seattle College Account Registration
  1. At the bottom of the page, click “Activate Your Account”. When the redirection pop-up message appears, press OK.
ctcLink Account Enrollment
  1. Enter the same First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth that was given on your application. Then type in your ID and press “Submit“.
ctcLink NSC Register Account
  1. Enter the Email address you prefer. Next, choose a Security Question from the drop-down menu and provide the Answer to the question. 
ctcLink North Seattle Sign Up
  1. In the Account Recovery box, add further choices for account recovery. Enter a phone number for a voice option or a phone number for text (SMS) communication.
ctcLink North Seattle Enroll
  1. Create your password and confirm it. Then, press Submit
North Seattle ctcLink Signup
  1. Your account is currently active! Remember to write down your ctcLink ID (also known as your new student ID). Then press OK.
NSC Sign up ctcLink Account
  1. Click Close. For security purposes, make sure you close your web browser before logging into ctcLink.
ctcLink North Seattle Registration

To better visualize the registration process, you can also watch the video tutorial below.

North Seattle College Students ctcLink Login Process 

By Web Page

North Seattle College Students CtcLink Login Process

Proceed to register your ctcLink account through the instructions below.

  1. You’ll need to visit the North Seattle College webpage officially.
  2. On the page, click on the Student item.
  3. A new screen will appear, then press on the ctcLink icon.
  4. The navigation will take you to a new URL. You will see a white box as shown above.
  5. Then, enter your ctcLink ID and your Password in the 2 blank boxes. Finally, press the Sign In button.

By Mobile App

You can utilize an app on your mobile devices, which is an exciting feature of ctcLink. To download and install this free app, look for “ctcLink” in the App store (for iPhone) or Google Play store (for Android) on your mobile device.

  1. Search for ctcLink available on App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) on your device. To install the app on your device, click Get.
North Seattle College Students CtcLink Login By Mobile App
  1. After it’s downloaded, open it. Click “Don’t Allow” or “Allow” to change your notification settings. Then scroll all the way down to the bottom and press “Accept”.
North Seattle Students CtcLink Login Via Mobile Device
  1. Choose your Institution (North Seattle College) from the list. Scroll to see more choices.
NSC Students CtcLink Login Through Mobile Device
  1. To sign into ctcLink, tap the tiles. You can also Browse Classes or view other important sites such as Office 365, Canvas, and Starfish
Seattle College CtcLink Login By Mobile App
  1. Please enter your ctcLink ID and password. Afterward, select Sign In.
CtcLink North Seattle Sign In By Mobile Phone
  1. View information on your Dashboard, or expand the navigation bar by clicking the three-line menu symbol to do further actions.
CtcLink North Seattle Access By Mobile Phone
  1. Change institutions by selecting the gear symbol in the top right corner of your Dashboard. Go to the navigation bar’s bottom to log out.
ctcLink Access Via Google Play Store And App Store

Note: Before utilizing the web-based application or the mobile app, you must activate your account. You can access ctcLink straight from your mobile device by the app once you’ve activated your ctcLink account.

How To Reset Your ctcLink Password  

How To Reset Your CtcLink Password

To reset your ctcLink password, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the ctcLink Login page. Select the Reset Password link. 
  2. Type in your ctcLink ID. Then, press the Tab or Enter key on your keyboard or click on the Next button.
  3. Your security queries will be visible. For each security question, give a response.
  4. Enter your new Password. Then, confirm your new Password. 
  5. Click the Submit button.
  6. Your newly reset passcode will be verified in a pop-up window.
  7. Press the OK button.
  8. Tap the Close button.
  9. Entry to the ctcLink login page with your reset pin code.

Please contact the IT HelpDesk via email at ITHelp@seattlecolleges.edu or use the Online Web Help Desk form if you’re still having passcode problems.

Contact Information

North Seattle College

  • Address

North Seattle College
9600 College Way North
Seattle, WA 98103

  • Phone number: 206.934.3600
  • In-person services: Mon. – Fri. 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Virtual Services: Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Social Media Platforms:


That’s all the information we give you. If you’re looking for an education that fits your lifestyle and encourages a passion for learning, check out what North Seattle College has to offer today. Visit ctcLink to learn more and get started! Leave your comments via the chat box below so we can improve in the future. And remember to follow us on this web page, Seattleducation, to stay updated with the latest posts.


Your ctcLink ID number is listed in the welcome email you receive from LCC as a new student. When you activate your account, you receive your new ctcLink ID number, also known as an EMPLID in the system, if you are a returning student or employee. When you obtain your new number, be sure to write it down and store it safely.

North Seattle College is a two-year public college that is accredited and known for its wide range of educational options, student support services, and high-quality teaching.

If you already have a ctcLink ID number from another college in Washington state, you don’t need to activate your account or receive a new number. You will use the same ID number you already have at Seattle Colleges.

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