Googles’ new algorithm and censorship: It even affected our website.


Regular visitors to our site know we have no problem speaking truth to power whether it’s Bill Gates, Nick Hanauer, Jeff Bezos, Facebook, Google or any other individual or institution.

In the past we have faced pushback, but that’s OK. Making people uncomfortable can have consequences and we have met those reactions head-on, energizing us to continue with our work.

What we didn’t expect was to be part of a group of websites that have been targeted for censorship by Google or any other group but it looks like 1984 has arrived in the form of a company who’s motto is “Don’t be evil”.

Our traffic has plunged even though our work is the same and the google search engine no longer shows our website on the first page of any Google search regarding education as it did in the past.

Other websites such as AlterNet and truthdig are experiencing the same issue and although I am pleased we are in the same group as other sites speaking truth to power, at the same time, it is cause for alarm.

To follow is an interview with Chris Hedges and Robert Sheer on “The Silencing of the Left”.

Until we can come up with a solution to this problem, please share our articles via email, Twitter, Facebook, reddit and any other means possible.

-Dora Taylor






  1. They aren’t silencing the entire left … just those on the left that threaten their piracy of the public sector, including public education. Anyone defined as on the left that supports this piracy will not be silenced.

    Just like not everyone on the right is a Klucker or Nazi, not everyone on the left is a progressive that speaks out to protect the public sector and labor unions from the pirates and frauds out to profit from destroying these sectors.

    The friend who works with my enemy has become my enemy too.

    1. Scary truth: Big Money is very aware of and looking into the silencing of voices unfriendly to the growing public sector takeover. It is shocking to see this “conspiracy theory” turning into personal reality as sites/posts I am personally pushing or looking into suddenly shut down. Wow.

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