action alert

The right wing attack dogs, Project Veritas, the group that took down ACORN and went after Planned Parenthood, is now targeting teachers and teachers’ unions.

They “exposed” the president of the teachers union in Wichita by secretly taping him telling stories of dealing with difficult students. They’ve also taped teachers and union officials in New York, New Jersey and Missouri.

These slimy characters will probably be at the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) conventions in July circulating the restaurants and bars, picking up anything they can.

From the Badass Teachers’ (BATS) Facebook page:

If you are a delegate, be careful who you socialize with! Don’t wear your convention badge when you go out into the community… Imagine that every conversation you have with a stranger is being taped.

Hmmm, I wondered who hired these hitmen.

Dora Taylor