Video: Clinical Child Psychologist: The Common Core Standards are developmentally inappropriate


Child clinical psychologist presents how the Common Core Standards are developmentally inappropriate for young students at a conference held at Notre Dame in 2013.

Submitted by Dora Taylor



  1. It is disturbing to see “Stop Fed ED’ presented on a sign as progressive. Ending the federal role in education has been a long-time goal of the right-wing. The problem is that federal education’s role has been taken over by corporate education reformers. We need educators running federal education, not corporations. Returning education back to the states will put ALEC in charge of education. It is as reactionary as states rights was during the during the Civil War!

    1. Ken,

      I don’t know what the political persuasion is of the woman holding the sign but my read on it is that Federal Education is taking far too large a role in what happens in a school district, in a school and in a classroom between the students and their teacher.

      It was by Presidential directive that we suffered under NCLB, RTTT and now the Common Core Standards. It is also illegal what the government is doing. The Federal Government is, according to law, not to dictate a specific curriculum and they have over stepped their bounds.

      We need to have a conversation about what role the Federal Government should appropriately play in terms of public education.

      I will also add that some of the people I work with on ending CCS and the concomitant tests would be labeled conservatives or, god forbid, Republicans. What I have found, working with them, is that we have more in common than not and there is room for dialogue.

      ALEC is working at all levels of government financing campaigns and basically bribing our elected representatives at all levels. They need to be fought regardless.

      I appreciate your opinion but will keep the photo up.


      1. But it is from the federal level that we had Brown vs. Bd of Education and all the gains that were made in the ’60’s by the civil rights movement. These would not have come from the states. In many ways NCLB, RTTT and Common Core took these gains in a corporate direction the way Reconstruction was defeated by Jim Crow policies. That is where things have gone wrong. What if federal education policy was determined by experienced teachers and academics, not corporate interests?

      2. Ken, I think we need to look at the USDOE, and see what it should be, what the parameters should be in terms of its reach into districts. The USDOE went from a division of the federal government to a cabinet level position in terms of leadership and has become not only a behemoth of a bureaucracy but its policies have been determined with the influence of Broad and Gates. This is not what the original purpose was for a USDOE.

        I am preparing an article for The Progressive on this subject and will let you know when it is published.


  2. I will never forget a training at my school for Lucy Calkins, where the trainer, a fellow teacher, said, “Won’t it be great when kindergartners start saying things like ‘This adds to the theory I’m developing about the character?'”

    I tried to gently point out that, if he had ever taught kindergarten, that he would know what the students would actually say, which is more along the lines of, “I have a dog too! His name is Sammy!” I feel badly saying this about a teacher that I know and respect, but I was honestly in shock.

    If kindergarteners are not “adding to the theory they are developing” about a character, it’s not because we are doing it wrong. It’s because they are five years old.

  3. Thank you! It is clear that the standards are developmentally inappropriate for the elementary grades. It is nice to hear it from someone who has expertise in the field of psychology.

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