Watson Tango Fremont Washington Middle School PTA! Charter schools recruiting at your “High School Success Night”?!?


I’d say the Washington Middle School PTA has some explaining to do.

This is the flyer that went out to all of the parents at the middle school for High School Success Night:

Please join
Washington Middle School
WMS High School Success Night
Tuesday, March 1st, 6:30pm
Calling all 8th graders and their parents or guardians!
On Tuesday, March 1st at 6:30pm,
WMS will be hosting
High School Success Night.
A light dinner will be served.
  • Counselors from Franklin High School & Garfield High School will give lots of helpful information about navigating the academic and social life of high school.
  • Principal from Summit Charter School will be present to share information about their school.
  • A panel of high school students will be available to share about the transition to high school and for a Question & Answer Period.
Come with your questions in hand!
See you on Tues, March 1 at 6:30pm!

For more on Summit charter school, see

Summit (Sierra) charter school: The skinny on the Gates-backed school set for Seattle, Brad Bernatek (remember him?) and a host of others

The inherent racism of Summit “public” (charter) school

San Jose charter school teacher arrested for having sex with minor

Dora Taylor


  1. I suspect that a privatizer, or a friend of a privatizer, has a child at Washington Middle School, and, as we all know, charters MUST budget time and money for Sales & Marketing. And this is part of it.

    However, the privatizers, and those in their elite socioeconomic circles, NEVER send their own precious progeny to a charter. But, they’re apparently willing and able to use their own school to help the charter market theirs. What was this person thinking?

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