Beyond Measure

Featuring Q&A with Director/Producer Vicki Abeles
January 28, 2016
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Garfield High School
Quincy Jones Performing Arts Center
400 23rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

From the Beyond Measure website:

America’s education crisis is fueled by an obsession with test scores and a fixation on international rankings. But our inspiring new film, Beyond Measure, asks a new set of questions about educational success. What if our education system valued personal growth over test scores? Inquiry over mimicry? Passion over rankings? What if we decided that the purpose of school was not the transmission of facts or formulas, but the transformation of every student? And what if this revolution were driven by students, parents and educators, not politicians and policymakers?

Beyond Measure weaves the stories of four public school communities across the country who are challenging the wisdom of outmoded, data-driven practices. They’re ushering in a more empowering, equitable and student-centered education culture from the ground up, and they’re seeing happier teachers, healthier students, and more engaged learning. The film follows these students and educators as they seek inspiration from expert research and guidance from schools on the cutting edge of educational change.

With interviews from Sir Ken Robinson, Linda Darling-Hammond,Yong Zhao, Carol Dweck, Alison Gopnik and Daniel Pink, Beyond Measure is an inspiring portrayal of what’s possible in American education: American classrooms that unleash–rather than quash–the potential of our children.

Hopefully I will see you there!

Dora Taylor